Life's Like That

Friday, November 11, 2011

Dear Neighbour

Your baby is very cute. Thank you for saying mine is very cute too. I’m sorry I could not tell you her exact weight as of right now. I don’t keep weighing her you see, so the best I can do is tell you what she weighed at her last doctor check up, which might even have been last month. You and I evidently have very different parenting styles and I would not have given yours a second thought but for the fact that over the last month, every time we meet and discuss the kids, (seems to me that that is all you can talk about) you seem to be judging me and everything I say and do. It was kind of funny at first but it’s getting real annoying now.

Yes I have help for the baby. No I don’t go to work. I do take up freelance work, but you know what, even if I didn’t, I would have still had a maid. It does not mean that I love my daughter any less; it does not mean that I don’t look after her, it does not imply that I’m a rich bitch who will go to kiddie birthday parties with maid in tow. I love my baby to bits, but I need the occasional break from her to do other things…surf the net, go to the parlor, read, nap, even take a decent shower. No we are not, as you (rather rudely) put it, “rolling in money”..we are making other sacrifices and compromises to enable this and yes my husband is totally on board with it. You want to be Mother India and do everything for your son yourself? Good for you *clap clap*. But then, why does every conversation with you begin and end with you moaning about being tired or not getting any sleep or not even being able to go to the loo or comb your hair in peace?

Why are you constantly asking me about how much we spend on stuff and then judging me? Yeah Aahana was born at a speciality maternity hospital that’s quite a distance from home and comparatively expensive. We felt it was worth every penny and every long drive because the doctor and the hospital were both superb. I don’t see why you need to ask how much we paid for the delivery and then look shocked and inform me that you paid only 20k at this good hospital nearby. Again, good for you, but not for me thanks. Yeah we are still going to the same hospital to consult this paediatrician who has been seeing Aahana from the day she was born. True it’s kind of far, but again we love this doctor and the hospital which is so incredibly well organized that it makes the drive worthwhile. Don’t you think its rather rude of you to ask how much we pay for each visit and then comment about the price of fuel these days? My baby, my car, my money, my time, how the eff does it matter to you!?

I don’t give a rats ass how much you paid for your son’s pram or his high chair. The high chair we use was a hand me down from a friend (bless her) and the pram was a reasonably priced decent durable one. We did not really think about brands when buying it. Congratulations on spending 15k on a Gracco or Chicco whatever the hell it was pram and another 15k on some big brand high chair. I don’t care and I don’t understand why my choices should cause you so much concern! I am more intrigued by this contradiction in your character, cautious with money when it comes to doctors etc and yet so openhanded with it when it comes to branded kiddie stuff. Do you buy Baby Gap for your son, I really want to know, but unlike you cant bring myself to ask.

Get a life lady. Get out of the house a bit more. Take some time off from your maternal duties. I don’t know if you realize it but all you talk about is your son and your parenting experiences. And the price of things! Your earnestness is kind of tiring really. I suppose its not possible to suddenly develop a sense of humor, so I will forgive you for looking blank when I try to joke, but at least try and talk about something other than the kids and money once in a while. You will feel better trust me.

Yours sincerely

Increasingly Irritated Neighbour