Life's Like That

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Conversations from a few years ago...

The scene: A coracle boat in the middle of the Kaveri river in Coorg

The charecters: Rahul, Ron, Ron's aunt, cousin, wildlife enthusiast mother and slightly psycho looking coracle man. All inside one small coracle boat. In the middle of the river.

Aunt *nervously*: Iss nodi main kumir...maane ki bole... crocodile hai?

Psycho coracleman *smiling happily*: haan haan bahut hai.

Aunt: Aen!!! Ki shanghatik!! Kumir aachey bolche je. (what!! OMG!! He is saying there are crocodiles)

Me: Ta ei jinishtaye othar aagey jigesh kora uchit chilo. Ekhon thaklei ba ki na thaklei ba ki. (we should have asked before we got into this contraption, now whats the point?)

Rahul *vaguely*: Kahan hai crocodile?

Ron and Aunt glare at Rahul...neither wants to see crocodile speeding towards them.

Psycho coracle man: hai hai idhar udhar hai. Subah aata hai.

Aunt: Obaba subah bolche!! Ki shanghatik. Aamra ebaar neme jai? ( Oh god, he is saying morning..shall we get off now?)

Psycho coracle man: nahin nahin madam darne ka nahi. Yeh sab friendly crocodile hai. *grins broadly*

Rahul *continued vagueness*: Haan see friendly crocodiles. Can any of you swim?

Aunt *most indignant and annoyed* Friendly crocodile aabar kya jinish hai? Jottoshob. Jano crocodile eshe joler niche Coffee Day te boshe coffee khawate niye jaabe. And no none of us can swim. (What rubbish as if friendly crocodile will take us for coffee underwater!)

Rahul: Heheh, I can swim.

Ron and Aunt glare again at Rahul.

Ron's mother *so far enjoying the coracle ride and keeping an eye out for sundry wildlife* : Ha ha friendly crocodile. Kintu ektao toh dekhte paarchi na *regretful tones* ( cant see even one)

Aunt *horrified* : Na dekhai toh bhalo. Dekhte pele toh heart fail korbe (its better we dont see them na, we might have heart attacks if we do)

Mom *in peaceful reassuring tones* : Na na chinta korish na, crocodile ki aar puro manush ke kheye felte parbe? Oi hath pa chnire nebe at most. Ekhon dupur belaye nishchoi pet bhora thakbe. Bhoye paash na. (no no dont worry, I dont think crocodile will eat any of us whole. Maximum it will bite off our arms and legs. Its afternoon na, must be well fed now)

Aunt and Ron speechless. horrified.

Mom *smiles beatifically* : Ei toh bhari handbag aachey, nehaat haan kore dheye aashle bag diye maarbo. Taatei paaliye jaabe. Mone nei Nandi Hills e dupatta diye bnador tariye chilam ( I have a heavy handbag, Ill hit the crocodile with it and it will run away. Dont you remember how I chased monkeys away on Nandi Hills with just a dupatta)

Cousin *very decisively* I have had enough. Ho gaya bhaiyya, abhi hum log ghar jayega. Where there are no crocodiles. Or monkeys. And somewhat saner people. Boat thamao.

Aunt * sadly* : Tor ma r mathaye cheet aachey. Din din barche bujhli.

Ron siiighs deeply in aknowledgement.

Thus ended yet another mildly insane outing with the menagerie I call family. We didnt see a single crocodile, friendly or otherwise during our visit, but my Aunt did get stung by some strange insect and bled from the sting for 24 hours. My mother peacefully reassured her that if she survived she would immune to all insect bites, if not, well too bad, she should'nt have gone for a walk at sunset. I dont think my Aunt likes my mother much after this trip. She definitely avoids planning any other vacations with her :)

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Phew...long time indeed

So much has happened since my last post that I don't quite know where to start. Life changing stuff is underway, not the least of which is that I have quit my job. Yes! Ladies and gentlemen I am officially a bored lady of leisure and let me tell you, its a tough life. Man! Who knew there is so much to do around the house!? And you dont even get paid for cleaning behind the fridge and organising the cabinets and labelling the kitchen jars. Gah!

People's reaction when I tell them I have quit my job are...interesting, for lack of a better word. Some assume that this is a temporary thing and I am definitely going to rejoin the workforce in a few months time. Some are overly enthusiastic about it. Some, like EB, tell me I'm a fool and I should have stuck it out for some more time and remind me (like I need to be reminded of this particular fact) in his kind sensitive manner of the amount of money I'm losing out on. None can argue on the reason behind my quitting without seeming heartless and insensitive..its that compelling a reason trust me, but some have this look on their faces, like they are thinking "Nyaka! As if noone else in the world had pregnancy complications". My mother, typically, oscillates between telling me that quitting my stressful crazy job was the best decision I have ever taken, and that it was the worst thing I could have done with my life...that I will be bored and depressed beyond belief and will deeply regret it soon.

Happily, that day has not arrived yet. Sure, there are days when I cant think of a reason to get out of bed (that usually lasts till the hunger pangs set in and then Im out in a flash) but on the whole I'm at peace with my decision. The job was just that..a job. I never felt connected to what I was doing. In fact, many a time, I doubted the point of the whole PR especially. The job, the office where I worked was insane. There was no switching off from work. We all were, literally, on call 24x7. I understand thats how the field is, and that the concept of worklife balance in India is nonexistant but the stress was killing. The last straw was the unexpected complication in the first trimester. I was convinced it was because of the job and the stress. I spent 3 weeks of strict bedrest weighing the pros and cons of quitting. There was no doubt that I would have to take things a little easy in the months to come. There was also no doubt that I would not be able to take it easy in my job. To make matters even more difficult, Im one of those people who have grave ethical problems about taking salary and then saying that I would not be able to handle events or go for meetings...even if I did have very compelling reasons for both. The only pro in the situation that I could see, was the money. And as the boy put it, no amount of money would compensate if something went seriously wrong with the pregnancy. So I quit.

Ive been home for 2 months now. I feel better, physically. Its nice not to have to drag myself out of bed at 7.30 am everyday and drive to work even if I have had a rough night. Its nice to be able to take a nap in the middle of the day if I am feeling exceptionally tired. Its nice to be able to read whenever I want. Its nice to get the time to try n resurrect my dead blog. But the nicest thing of all? Having a HOT lunch everyday. Those of you with microwaves in office will never be able to appreciate this. I spent the first trimester shoving stone cold dabba food down my throat with copious amounts of water, while muttering "No you cant throw it up, the baby needs food", so yes a hot lunch is right at the top of of my list of all that is good with my life right now. If only some freelance writing work would come my way, along with some nice paychecks, my life would even be perfect :)

Now, excuse me, I have to go and check on the chocolate cake thats in the oven right now. Yeah, one of the other nice things...Im discovering a hithertho unknown masterchef within me. Im pretty awesome..even though I say so myself :D hopefully this blog will have plenty of content and tales of my kitchen related awesomeness if nothing else.