Life's Like That

Thursday, October 15, 2009

More conversations with EB

Ah EB (ex boss). GTalk brings out the best in us...

Ronita :this farmville on FB
pink goru* tht gives strawberry milk!!!!!!!???

* goru: cow

u also get brown goru
which gives chocolate milk

EB: baba ki customised gorus

EB:then u get horses and goats and pigs and elephants and chicken and etc etc
u can really make a beautiful farm of your own

Ronita : elephants!!!?
on a farm!!!?

EB:u nurture them
and every few days they give u circus peanuts

Ronita :circus peanuts!!!?
from where ?
from their behinds?
they shoot it out of their trunks??

EB:dont know from where
its just that when they r ready u click on them and collect circus peanuts

Ronita: so this pink cows strawberry it like strawberry milkshake whn it comes out of the pink cow?or do u hv to separately shake it?

EB: it says strawberry milk so i suppose u got to shake it

Ronita: i see
u cud try shaking the cown then seeing if milkshake comes out

EB: but theres no option of shaking
u can only move the cow from one end to another
u got to milk them urself and it all happens at the click of a button
see how hi tech the cows are becoming

EB: arent there sexy farmers wenches in this farmville?
who wear low cut dresses n cowboy hats n traipse around the farm milking cows?

EB: no no nothing of that sort
u got to milk them urself

Ronita: im surprised ur sticking to a farming world where there are no sexy farmer lasses

EB: i am hoping they will come soon
i am sure the developers will enhance the software and include such things and then if i am at advanced stage of farming i will be entitled to the sexiest ones

i think ill put this chat on my blog

EB :no
u shd not do anything like that

Ronita :y not
u got good responses last time
ppl who thot u were cute n all

EB: but ppl will not think too highly of you after reading this chat
they will think u are a little insane to have such a conversation

Ronita :anyone who reads my blog doesnt think too highly abt my sanity anyways
i once wrote abt how i think the world wud be if humans had tails
n tht i wud want a swishy fox like tail
n how human tails wud be immensely beneficial
my readers are convinced tht i am on some sort of hallucinogen

EB: helpful to who and how?

Ronita :we wudnt need mosquito repellent
we cud swish our tails around
the cosmetics industry wud benefit
in addition to hair colour they cud make tail color
beauty parlours wud hv special tail trtments
tails cud indicate our moods
husbands wud immensely benefit from tht
u see ur wife's tail standing stiffly in the air
u know she is pissed so u avoid pissing her off even more
her tail is wagging
u make advances
her tail is drooping
u go n make sympathetic noises

EB :my wife's face says it all
i wd not like to look at the tail

Methinks the rest of the conversation should not be put up here. But I heart the Internet :D