Life's Like That

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The men in blue...

...are causing severe problems for me. I can't seem to be rid of them. First it was the World Cup. The boy was talking about it from before the wedding. About how I was not allowed to even touch the TV once the World Cup started and how I was not to expect anything from him when India was playing, two days before it (anticipation) and two days after( extreme joy or extreme sorrow as the case may be). To make matters worse he told his grandmother moments after the wedding how he had told me in no uncertain terms about my wifely duties during the World Cup., which involved conjuring delicious snacks for him everytime he felt hungry and then vanishing rapidly from the scene. Having just stepped off the mandap and being very concerned about vast quantities of sindoor enveloping me at that point, I could not respond to this very well, so now of course his grandmother thinks Im the ideal Indian bahu...which is quite a terrible situation to be in.

Anyways, after the debacle that was the World Cup, I thought it was all over. Just goes to show how naive I am. Turns out there is no cure for cricket mania. If its not the world Cup, its some one day series involving Pakistan and Ireland and (I think) South Africa.Now its the India England Test match. After this there will be highlights of matches played in 1886. Then it will be two experts pontificating on footwork and square cuts. Is there no end to this madness? The only sound one hears in my house these days is that of that ANNOYING little man Harsha Bhogle and that other fellow who says "Wikkit" instead of wicket talking away nineteen to the dozen about leg spin, silly point, square cut and other irrelevant rubbish. Interspersed with the sudden maniacal "OUTTTTTTT EEEEHAHEHAHAHAHA" type shrieks that, I promise you, will one day result in me having a major heart attack.

I was beginning to forget how to operate the remote. In desperation, I made one rule, Tuesdays 10-11pm and Wednesdays 10-11 pm the TV was MINE (Prison break and Greys Anatomy). But that too is fraught with dangers. Just when I'm immersing myself into Wentworth Millers dreamy eyes...

Boy (leaping out from bedroom): I think we just got a wicket. One quick check and you can go right back to Prison Break. (Lunges for remote)

Me ( startled by sudden appearance but firmly grasping remote and leaping out of the way) : NO!

Boy(maniacal glint in eyes) : Please. I said please. One quick look. ( Almost pokes his entire hand in my eyes trying to get the remote)

Me (well aimed kick to the shins) : I SAID NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! WE MADE A DEAL ( slapping hand away) INDIA IS GOING TO LOSE ANYWAYS. THEY ALWAYS DO. NOW GO AWAY.

Boy (looks hurt and retires to corner of the room) (incoherent mumbling)

It does'nt end there though. He sits and sighs loudly at frequent intervals. And the whole process is repeated during every commercial break, when his argument is that "its the break, Ill give it back once it starts". Yeah right. Like Im falling for that one again.So basically immersing myself in dreamy eyes of hunky prison inmates or McDreamy doctors is impossible. All thanks to a game that is totally and completely a waste of time. That pathetic excuse for a team should be disbanded and made to do something productive instead. Really!! How can anyone in their right minds actually believe that the team might win a match? And in the rare occurence when they manage to win, how can anyone in their right minds rejoice in it and not

A) dismiss it as a fluke?
B) dismiss it as a fixed match?

That Harsha Bhogle reeeeeeeeaaallly annoys me. So do all the other people who talk incessantly about Saurav's off drive and Bhajjis off spin. My nightmares are now coming complete with commentary in Harsha Bhogle's voice. Its not pleasant I can tell you. I cant bear to live in the same house with this cricket obssessed creature anymore. I should have known it. The day he told me "Himesh is not that bad actually..his songs have a nice beat" ...I should have realized that he has appalling taste in entertainment and refused to go through with the marriage. As things are, I am regularly subjected to the Capped Menace as well as this steady undying stream of cricket related programming. Things in the Dutta Sachdev household are not going too well Im afraid. Can I sue the BCCI for ruining my marriage? And more imprtantly, is that damn Test Match over yet? Are there any more coming up immediately?