Life's Like That

Friday, February 23, 2007

I am back....

And this is what I have been doing...

At the sangeet, contrary to everyone's expectations, the Bongs danced like there was no tomorrow while the Punjus sat demurely and looked on. My finace vanished after the ring ceremony and I wandered around smiling vaguely at people...that, at least, was expected.

Yellow is not really my colour is it?

My whole family left me alone inside to go and witness the remarkable spectacle of Rahul on a horse. He claims that the horse was drunk. Im just glad I have this picture for posterity..heh.

This part of the wedding is really hard on the arms. They ache after a point.

And having one's hands pinched under the cloth by the man one is marrying, really does not help matters.

WHY do Bengalis (read ghotis not bangals) put soooo much sindoor on the bride!! I had sindoor all over . My nose was red at the end of it...Someday I shall post the picture of me looking exactly like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.

And that was that :)