Life's Like That

Saturday, January 13, 2007

But why?

I jumped onto the Orkut bandwagon a little later than the rest of the world. Already I have a fair number of "frensip" seekers, most of whom have very entertaining things to write in their profiles.


I also seem to be attracting a fair number of couples seeking"like minded friends". Which is slightly disturbing. Something about my sari clad, red teeka smeared picture and extremely boring description of myself and my interests somehow give people the impression that I would like to do the "full swap"!!? Goodness gracious!!!! My convent bred sensibilities are highly scandalised.

Whats interesting however, is the number of "like minded friends" they have managed to gather. I saw Mixed Doubles, I read articles on how open marriages and wife swapping are becoming increasingly common in India. But somehow it didnt hit home till was something that people in some part ofIndia might do. But with this couple who want to be my friends, it suddenly seems very real. They have some really amazing profiles on their friends list ( yes I went through their friends list...I had to..dont ask me why). Women who claim to love incest, couples whose profile picture features themselves having sex, self proclaimed nymphomaniacs draped in bedsheets...real people, not some image downloaded off the Net.

I cannot imagine why anyone would want to put a picture of themselves wearing next to nothing on the Internet. But then, I cannot even understand the concept of "open marriage". I dont understand why two people who in their own words "love to love without any barriers" would want to get married. Isnt marriage supposed to be about commitment? To one partner? Sleep with the whole wide world if you love to love so much, why get married? Wouldnt being single give you a much wider playing field? I find this as weird as the man they wrote about in The Telegraph sometime back, who likes to watch his wife having sex with other women because he is concerned about her safety.

I do wish people wouldn’t feel free to think I would be open to full swaps and such like. I thought being propositioned by a woman was my last brush with alternative lifestyles.

I sound most dreadfully obsolete. Happy 2007 everyone.