Life's Like That

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Its been a really long time since I last posted. For some reason I just cannot think of what to post. Its really not like anything major is happening in my life. Of late, I am just getting increasingly stressed, irritated and impatient. Coming to work everyday is becoming a painful task. I know want to get out of this industry asap, but dont know how to. If not this then what? Ive spent 4 years trying to build a career in this industry...quitting now would mean throwing all the hard work away. Is it worth it? Every Friday night I tell myself that quitting would be silly, that its just not worth it to throw away 4 years of hard work and start afresh. Every Monday morning I come back to the same shitty issues and demands and constraints and wonder what the hell made me think it would be silly to quit.

Siigh. Every day on my way to work, I count the days left till I go on leave. When people ask me if I am excited about the wedding, I very truthfully say Im excited about the nice long break from work that I hope to get. And they dont believe me, or worse,grin knowingly at me and say some incredibly idiotic things or call me pseudo and nyaka. Which really just results in me wanting to smack their silly faces. Thats another thing...Im finding it difficult to tolerate most people these days. Up untill now, I have always been the kind of person who is able to put up with the most irritating of people, I was always able to ignore their idiocies and stupidities. Worst case scenario I would snap at them and forget about it. These days snapping doesnt seem adequate enough response. Im tempted to do things far more violent.

But then, people have really been saying and doing the most maddening things. Since I have nothing specific to write about,let me enumerate some of the things that have been driving me up the wall over the past few weeks, and you tell me how to deal with them.

A) Detailed descriptions of a newly married friend's sex life. Unasked for descriptions. Silly excitement over the fact that they have "done it". After the 10th detailed one sided discussion in hushed tones, I told friend in question to grow up and get over it 'cause people have sex all the effing its really not such a big deal. She has stopped speaking to me since. Which is not such a bad situation to be in, all things considered I mean.

B) Detailed and endless descriptions of aforementioned newly married friend's in law problems. I sympathise, I really do. But I cant listen to your endless list of problems every time we meet.I dont need to know each and every unpleasant incident that occurs in your life. And I really do resent being told that my in laws will turn out to be horrible ogres once I am married just like yours did. I especially resent that tone of absolute certainity with which you tell me this each time we meet. Maybe they will, maybe they wont. Thats for me to find out.

C) Wife besotted men having loud conversations with their other halves about the colour of the hair dryer she has bought and whether the washing machine that has just been delivered to their house is a top loading one or a front loading one. Its fine if its just one conversation in a day. I am usually able to block out most of whats happening around me at work. But conversations such as this, conducted while sitting directly behind me 20 times a day (for once I am NOT exaggerating. The truth is indeed stronger than fiction) in extremely loud tones is bound to affect the most devoted sadhu. I cannot take it anymore. One of these days, Im going to snatch his cell phone out of his hand and throw it out of the window. Or burst a blood vessel trying to stop myself from doing that.

D) Advice on honeymoon destinations. I dont take very kindly to unasked for advice at the best of times. And these are not the best of times. I dont see why I have to go to Mauritious just because Rahuls friend did. Im sure he had a marvellous time, but I dont want to go there. I hate beaches. I turn purple and the skin on my nose starts peeling making me look startlingly like Rudolph. And I think its unbearably rude on his part to tell us "its not very expensive yaar. you guys can definitely afford it." What the fuck!!

E) Advice on marriage. Even worse, advice on sex. UFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!

F) Idiocies of people in Mumbai and Delhi. But that would require 2 separate posts to enumerate. Let me just say that aforementioned people have brains the size of very small sparrows.

G) 30 something year old indiviuals who seem incapable of managing their finances. Who claim to be bankrupt in every sense of the word, who owe large sums of money to all sorts of people, and yet who dont think twice before dining at the most expensive restaurants and buying the most expensive things. And then try to borrow money off me!!

H) People who give you missed calls and expect you to call back.What is WITH that really!!??

I) Cheap people who are too oversmart for their own good. Who suggest " lets all hire a car and go on a holiday" not because they want spend time with you, but only because they want someone to share the cost of hiring a car!!

I could go on and on and on. But conversations on the laundry and the tablecloth have started behind me. Now is the time I make my move and snatch that cell phone!! GRRRRRRRRR!!!!