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Friday, November 10, 2006


I liked Abhishek Bachchan. I thought he was hot. BUT.......The man has taken to wearing a hair band!! School girls wear hairbands. To keep their bangs and fringes and what have you off their foreheads. To escape the wrath of austere nuns. College girls wear hairbands. Little girls wear hair bands. Not Abhishek Bachchan. He is a boy for goodness sake.

But it seems boys now wear hairbands as well. Macho, muscular boys like Arjun Rampal. Less macho boys like Farhan Akhtar;even 40 something old uncles like Deepak Parasher wear hairbands ( and white satin nighties as well, going by his startling appearance on Sony's Big Boss). Tomorrow, for all I know, my istriwalla will show up at my doorstep wearing a hairband.

Now, Im all for the sensitive well groomed man. A man who feels free to express his emotions, who dresses well and takes care of his appearance, who smells good. I am ok with discussing pedicures and manicures and cleansing toning moisturising with a man. I am even ready to share my face packs with my man (something that I kindheartedly do on a regular basis). What Im not ready for is the sudden influx of men in womens' clothes and womens' accessories. Who look like women when seen from behind. These days Im finding is quite difficult judge a persons sex at first glance. Is it my imagination, or are men looking more and more like women and vice versa? Just the other day I saw what I thought was a girl with a lovely figure and even nicer hair..all straight and shiny, only to have "her" turn around and be confronted with a luxuriant french beard on a very masculine jaw. So disconcerting.

Why can't men be men? Like Gregory Peck and Sean Connery and Yul Brynner and Amitabh Bachchan? Why cant they stick to nice simple men's clothing and accessories? Oh and colours!! Pink does not become a man! I don't care what Rohit Bal and his ilk have to say on that topic. Pink and lavender and orange and mauve are NOT manly colours...unless you are Hugh Grant..or George Clooney..or Abhishek Bachchan maybe.

Point is, too much of anything is baaaddd!! Be sensitive men. Spend a little extra money on deos and bodysprays and pedicure appointments if you must. Use more products than your fiancee if you want, finish her face packs if it makes you happy. But please! Draw the line at borrowing her clothes and her hair accessories and her jewellery. Or her make up. Ye Gad!! A man wearing lipgloss!!!!! Is that the future of mankind? Im getting a headache at the thought. And oh lord!! Theres Salman Khan on tv modelling for a jewellery brand, in a diamond necklace. Muscles and diamonds do not a good combination make. I must switch off the tv and close my eyes for a while.

But before that....I give you... a face packed metrosexual man of today, who knows where to draw the line. "Yeah Ill use some of your face pack sweety, it gives my complexion that lovely glow,but no hair bands or diamond necklaces for me thank you." Thank goodness.

PS : In case you guys dont hear from me in say over a week, know that I have paid with my life for putting this picture here. Such risks I take for this blog.


  • ROFL. Esp the pic. You're in for it now Ron :)))And for the record I completely agree with everything you say here. Now bear with me while I go back and chek out that photo again.

    By Blogger M (tread softly upon), at 4:30 AM  

  • Hahahahha!!! The foto I think is the best part of the post!!! Pls let me know his reaction to this!! And yes, this seems to be the order of the day. Men like dressing like women. And if we dont like it, we shd just IGNORE it!! And wat is this new ad u r talkig abt with Salman Khan??? I feel like I m living on another planet. I dont knw abt this. But god!!!! Cant imagine!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:35 AM  

  • Ron, pls leave him alone with your face packs. Deepak Parasher wearing nighty and hairband, Salman wearing diamonds? WHO IS USING LIP GLOSS? argh. i am off for a smoke.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:41 AM  

  • Well done Ron!!...i hope the wedding is still on..given the photograph?!!..Very well done..i say!!pjk

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:49 PM  

  • Brilliant loves this. Salman models for diamond jewellery? Good grief how come I haven't seen this add.
    As for the epitome of the metrosexual man, there was this guy I know of who used to wear mascara. His gf gave it to him on his b'day :D now beat that.

    By Blogger Dreamcatcher, at 10:57 PM  

  • Oh. Poor jamai-babu. Though, even with face-pack on, he is a very handsome man. Want to see effect of face-pack on handsomeness. :P
    yes, Abhishek Bachchan. Let's talk about him, no? Why has Aishwarya Rai such a strange essect on her menfolk? Sallu turned crazy and metrosexual about the same time he started seeing Ms.Rai. Viveik Oberoi ditto. And now Abhishek? *weeps*
    I know. Though I am not so sure about Yul Brynner, I agree whole-heartedly about Peck. And Connery. Even a Clive Owen of today will do. Definitely not Orlando Bloom. He is way more feminine and pretty than some women I know. Including me. BTW, recipe peyechile? Aar, face-pack ki LUSH theke?

    By Blogger i dwell in possibility, at 3:33 AM  

  • hehe..neat pic! didn't know bachchan jr has taken to wearing hairbands..never liked him any good fer him..
    and real men don;t comment about such I shall not..*smug and content grin*
    cheers..and really cool pics in the last post as well..

    By Blogger Abhishek Chatterjee, at 6:47 PM  

  • I'm glad you included Hugh Grant in the list of exceptions. Doesn't he look just DIVINE in that pink shirt in the press conference scene of Notting Hill?? (sighs and prepares to die).

    By Blogger The Marauder's Map, at 12:59 AM  

  • @m : henh. a lot of young girls like good morning midnight here have been calling him cute, and handsome and other such things, which is why, i think, no life threatening situations have arisen as yet.

    @gauri: oh this wasnt an ad. some designer diamond jewellry brand was being launched and salman walked the ramp for them...wearing a necklace. they were showing it on zoom i think.

    @bijoy: nooone is wearing lipgloss right now. at least not that i know of. its a possibility for the never know, one of these days you yourself might tell me about this new brand of lipgloss which is soo wonderful, which for the recrd would a very traumatic thing for me, so please dont.

    @pjk: oh wedding is still on. now that the world has seen him in this avataar, who will want him? other than me i.e. No wait, dont answer that one.

    @dreamcatcher: oh it wasnt an ad. i saw it on zoom i think. coverage of an event to launch designer diamond jewellery. he was walking the ramp for them. but WHY would your friend buy this boy mascara!!!!??? these girls also na whattotell!! hopeless!

    @gm,m: oh yes i got the recipe thank you very much. not gotten around to trying it out yet, maybe this weekend. as for aishwarya aar bolbo bolo. salman n vivek were both idiots, but i must say i expected better from abhishek. tchah!!
    oh and rahul looked quite pleased to read the bit about his handsomeness, so pleased in fact that he forgot his threats of domestic violence and other nasty things. thank you. do keep up this kind of flattery :P

    @abhishek: hehehehe!!! a "real man" eh!? hehehe!! good good. im glad. i hope you dont use your fiancee's face packs/ mascara / lipgloss / jewellery on the sly. hyukhyuk.

    @bagchi: ah hugh grant!! siiiiigh. i looovvveee that completely cheesy last scene of notting hill. *deeper siiiiighhh*. but then, he is HUGH GRANT you know. there are so few of such delicious men around. which is why i feel pink is a colour best left alone by the unHugh Grant ish men who populate the world we inhabit.

    By Blogger Ron, at 1:22 AM  

  • Boy looks sweet ya actually.And about theh bands, some men look ok in them but definately not AB, John may look cool in it i think,but then he would look cool in just about anything or nothing also ;)And i think i will not stop shuddering till i die just thinking about Sallu in a diamond necklace, what were they thinking?????

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:40 AM  

  • Ah! The pix I have clicked!!!

    Been three days since you wrote this... all well?

    By Blogger Deep, at 5:41 AM  

  • Cleanliness, obviously, is now third in line from godliness.


    By Blogger J. Alfred Prufrock, at 1:43 AM  

  • nice pic there :P
    and its just a matter of time b4 we get used to EVERYTHING!
    we don't think twice about men with ear-rings/studs anymore ... or even the eyebrow trimming/body hair removing types ...
    just a matter of time I tell u!

    By Blogger Venky, at 8:51 AM  

  • oh lord how i wish i could point someone i know to this post!! no amount of coaxing, cajoling and downright sitting on him will convince him that it isn't done for men to wear hairbands. that they look like five year old girls oddling to kindergarten!! sigh. thankoo for most enjoyable post. i do hope the picture doesn't get you killed cos i want more fun posts :D incidentally, your man looks cuter with face-pack on, or at least you could say that as excuse to keep him from murdering you!

    By Blogger babelfish, at 12:23 PM  

  • p.s. *just for the heck of it*
    Yul Brynner
    *fishy swoon*

    By Blogger babelfish, at 12:25 PM  

  • Oh, haven't you watched this episode of That 70's Show called "The Velvet Rope" where Jackie coaxes Kelso into out-Bowie-ing David Bowie and she says somewhere "You're the best doll I've ever had"...:)

    By Blogger Rapid I Movement, at 5:01 PM  

  • dear Ron, nice post.

    ...but why not look at it this way...

    the whole world is ours...all the paints in the palate are ours...the complete world of fabrics belong to us (humans)..

    then why create bounderies?why dwell in restrictions?...if a woman can participate in wrestling,why cant a man wear a hair band? that such big a deal??

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:24 AM  

  • hahaha ron i completely agree with u..why the hell did AB have to wear the stupid hairband..i almost went.."OH NOOOOOO" when i saw him with the band..sigh!

    By Blogger Ekta, at 1:47 AM  

  • @rohini: Shut UPPPP about that fellow willya. He would look just as ridiculous as AB junior.

    @deep: yees, im fine. he is now demanding hair bands though. asked me if i thought a thin hair band would look better on him than a thicker one. patience is running thin..mine i mean. so domestic violence might take a new turn soon. *sinister look*

    @JAP: shei toh.

    @venky: a man with threaded eyebrows looks WEIRD. But yeah i know what you mean, i saw someone wearing hairband on the road the other day and didnt even react. siigh.

    @babelfish: yes yul brynner...*swoooon* the only bald man i have ever found swoonworthy. most other bald men appear slightly sinister to me. as for your friend...i really dont know what to say about him. what IS the world coming to?

    @rapid i movement: henh. that sounds like dreamcatcher's friend with the masacara and his girlfriend.

    @ rim van winkle: do not get me started on those extremely scary women who wrestle. wouldnt want to meet one of them on a dark deserted road *shudders*

    @ekta: i knoooowww. i really thought he had more sense than that. am very disappointed in him i must say.

    By Blogger Ron, at 5:21 AM  

  • Dutta Dutta.How u been? Send me your ph# on My phone died, taking all numbers with it.Shall save it on the SIM this time.By the way, louly snap.

    By Blogger Seema, at 1:37 PM  

  • are you really been kidnapped by Rahul? where art thou?

    By Blogger M (tread softly upon), at 4:36 PM  

  • Oh my Gwad! I can't stop myself from laughing alod whenever I read your blog! Loved the post and of course, the pic!
    Been a long time though. Where are you? :D

    By Blogger Rita, at 6:13 AM  

  • @noor: have mailed you.

    @m : nah! ei aachi. too busy and lazy to blog.

    @rita : im around only. just no motivation or inspiration to blog.

    By Blogger Ron, at 3:49 AM  

  • we miss you....stop being lazy and give us an update :)

    By Blogger M (tread softly upon), at 8:59 AM  

  • stop writing. forever.

    we don't miss you when you don't write

    we don't miss your gender-phobic views

    we don't miss anything about you when you're gone

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:05 AM  

  • hear hear! and since men love to point out how 'simple' they are and how they dont get our 'complicated' & context-based demands, i'd be even clearer and say if you are confused about how much is too much then go for no sensitivty.

    By Blogger Prerona, at 5:31 AM  

  • Thats right @m, Your followers miss you

    By Anonymous Soy metrosexual, at 7:41 AM  

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