Life's Like That

Friday, November 10, 2006


I liked Abhishek Bachchan. I thought he was hot. BUT.......The man has taken to wearing a hair band!! School girls wear hairbands. To keep their bangs and fringes and what have you off their foreheads. To escape the wrath of austere nuns. College girls wear hairbands. Little girls wear hair bands. Not Abhishek Bachchan. He is a boy for goodness sake.

But it seems boys now wear hairbands as well. Macho, muscular boys like Arjun Rampal. Less macho boys like Farhan Akhtar;even 40 something old uncles like Deepak Parasher wear hairbands ( and white satin nighties as well, going by his startling appearance on Sony's Big Boss). Tomorrow, for all I know, my istriwalla will show up at my doorstep wearing a hairband.

Now, Im all for the sensitive well groomed man. A man who feels free to express his emotions, who dresses well and takes care of his appearance, who smells good. I am ok with discussing pedicures and manicures and cleansing toning moisturising with a man. I am even ready to share my face packs with my man (something that I kindheartedly do on a regular basis). What Im not ready for is the sudden influx of men in womens' clothes and womens' accessories. Who look like women when seen from behind. These days Im finding is quite difficult judge a persons sex at first glance. Is it my imagination, or are men looking more and more like women and vice versa? Just the other day I saw what I thought was a girl with a lovely figure and even nicer hair..all straight and shiny, only to have "her" turn around and be confronted with a luxuriant french beard on a very masculine jaw. So disconcerting.

Why can't men be men? Like Gregory Peck and Sean Connery and Yul Brynner and Amitabh Bachchan? Why cant they stick to nice simple men's clothing and accessories? Oh and colours!! Pink does not become a man! I don't care what Rohit Bal and his ilk have to say on that topic. Pink and lavender and orange and mauve are NOT manly colours...unless you are Hugh Grant..or George Clooney..or Abhishek Bachchan maybe.

Point is, too much of anything is baaaddd!! Be sensitive men. Spend a little extra money on deos and bodysprays and pedicure appointments if you must. Use more products than your fiancee if you want, finish her face packs if it makes you happy. But please! Draw the line at borrowing her clothes and her hair accessories and her jewellery. Or her make up. Ye Gad!! A man wearing lipgloss!!!!! Is that the future of mankind? Im getting a headache at the thought. And oh lord!! Theres Salman Khan on tv modelling for a jewellery brand, in a diamond necklace. Muscles and diamonds do not a good combination make. I must switch off the tv and close my eyes for a while.

But before that....I give you... a face packed metrosexual man of today, who knows where to draw the line. "Yeah Ill use some of your face pack sweety, it gives my complexion that lovely glow,but no hair bands or diamond necklaces for me thank you." Thank goodness.

PS : In case you guys dont hear from me in say over a week, know that I have paid with my life for putting this picture here. Such risks I take for this blog.