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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Incoherent ramblings from a sleepy mind..

Why is it that the most good looking men are always so dumb? I met one just a couple of weeks back...a man who can be considered India's current heartthrob. And though I personally never felt inclined to swoon over him, I had to admit that he was really very good looking. But then I met him. And the man has sawdust between his ears. No really I mean it. To be fair to him he did seem professional and attitude free, but then only a rather dumb man would jump in on a conversation, misunderstand what was happening, mistake me for a journalist even after I clearly explained who I was and proceed to throw a small tantrum. Ki jhamela. But he did have the most wonderfully soft hands though. Probably spends a lot of time and money on manicures.

Speaking of men, did any of you ever develop crushes on fictional charecters? Ive had crushes on all sorts of charecters from as early on as I can remember. I think my first crush was Julian from Enid Blyton's Famous Five series. He was so cute in a nice clean big brother way. I liked him very much. I think immediately after Julian I had a crush on Sherlock Holmes. Don't know why, because Hercule Poirot was and is, my favourite private investigator. Love the "leetle grey cells".And Sherlock Holmes is quite the "human bloodhound" that Poirot despises. But still. I nurtured secret fantasies of being Sherlock Holmes' English lady with blue eyes who swept in on him and Watson, and wrung her hands nervously while telling them her problem. Of course he would solve the mystery and fall in love with her simultaneously and they would live happily ever after...sigh!

I think I have a thing for detectives. Because I still have the most tremendously massive crush on Feluda (Non Bongs: Feluda or Prodosh C Mitter is a detective created by Satyajit Ray. ) Whats not to love...a 6 foot tall, intellegent, handsome (he looks handsome in the sketches) Bengali man who owns a Colt revolver and courts danger and solves mysteries and even dabbles in some Kung Fu (Bombai er Bombete)....why arent there more Bengali men like Feluda? I envisaged a very happy love life for us as well. My love for Feluda is probably the reason why Soumitro and not Uttam Kumar is my favourite Bengali actor. Did you see Soumitro in Joy Baba Felunath and Sonar Kella? Now THAT, and not John *sawdust* Abraham is swoonworthy material. I am the proud owner of the ENTIRE Feluda series, and no I shall not lend them to anybody, those books are to precious to be lent.

Over the course of my adolescent years I have had temporary fleeting crushes on some M&B charecters but those did not last long. Tall dark and handsome never really did much for me. Some of the longer lasting crushes other than the ones mentioned earlier would include Byomkesh Bakshi (told you I have a thing for detectives), but I suspect that had more to do with Rajit Kapur in that serial...sooooo cuuuttteee . Then there was Shankar from Chander Pahar, such a adventurous boy he was. Faced a black mamba all by himself. And Captain Mallory from the Guns of Navarone, such a masculine man. I imagined myself going on missions with him where I would be this terribly efficient ruthless soldier with a lot of attitude. And we would be at loggerheads throughout, and everybody around us would feel the tremendous chemistry and all of that. And then I would be forced to face my worst impossibly high cliff which we have to scale for the success of the mission, and I would break down, and he would be oh so sensitive and help me through the ordeal, and I would grit my teeth and not let me fear stop me and we would reach the top and in a moment of relaxed triumph he would pull me to him and kiss me passionately..and...ahem!! Yes err, lets move on.

Sigh. So many marvellous men. Aragorn from Lord of the Rings and Legolas too. Although truth be told I kinda liked Frodo as well. He was a very brave little hobbit wasnt he? More recently I developed all these feelings for Sirius Black from Harry Potter. What and all the poor man had to endure. I got very emotional when he died. Why did she have to kill him? She could have done away with Lupin instead..being a werewolf must have been difficult for him. I must say the Sirius Black in the movie was a total disgrace. Did you see that ridiculous little moustache!? Tchah! Then I developed feelings for Bill Weasely, but then he got bitten by that other werewolf and now is all ugly and possibly werewolfish and I dont really know if I want to continue liking him.

Right now, I just finished re reading the Chronicles of Narnia, and I have an enormous crush on Aslan. Some people have referred to it as my "unnatural lion fetish", but I think those people should be ignored. They dont appreciate true love. They dont appreciate the power and magnificence of the Lion.

So to return to my original questions and end this looong post..why are the cutest men also the dumbest and have you ever had a crush on a fictional charecter? Lets swap stories...

PS: The most inexplicable fictional crush Ive ever had was on Bertie Wooster. Well to be honest it was more of a soft corner than a a full fledged crush, but he was so hopelessly hopeless.....awww!

PPS: I seem to have missed out on one of my biggest fictional loves...Amit Chatterjee from A Suitable Boy! I dont know how I missed out on him considering the fact that I was heartbroken when Lata didnt marry him.


  • Hmm... interesting but true.... tht all cute/handsome looking men are dumb! But I wish you had mentioned the famous heart throb u r talking abt! I cant blv he is dumb! However, some good looking men are intelligent too! Take for example, all the detectives that u have mentioned! Wat say?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:24 AM  

  • We seem to have had very similar cultural upbringings, because I've had crushes on almost all the exact same men you write about. With the exception of Aslan ( I did say men).

    Oh, but my biggest fictional crush (crush was real enough but character was sadly fictional) was on Captain Alex Randall from Shadow of the Moon by M M Kaye, one of those Raj novels. What a man Ron, what a man. Strong and upright, yet troubled and vulnerable and just so goddamn sexy. I'll lend you book and you shall see for yourself. Alex!

    By Blogger The Marauder's Map, at 5:33 AM  

  • some of the people you mention were cast as characters in a movie so the sex appeal and charm of the actor brings an added dimension to the character: felu da and capn mallory. I mean who would not have a crush on Soumitra and gregory peck? :)

    By Blogger M (tread softly upon), at 9:29 AM  

  • ron....its been a while since i had a nose through ur fabbulous blog...n have been glued to the comp screen for the past hour...!
    Congratulations are in order to both Rahul and you and to ur families...u make a vv good looking classy couple...n here's to loads of happiness to u both....
    u looked abssss fantastic at yr engagement...n vv elegant too...which is vv hard to manage at these events...esp with a ghomta on ur head...but u pulled it off...u have my vote lady!!

    Honestly, they don't come better looking than the punju men...n if u r vv lucky u get them minus their brawn n bovine appeal..which u clearly have!!

    Ur parents look sooo happy too...n my godddd..uncle still looks as handsome as he did when we were in school...god ron...hide ur baba...what a dish...still!!...n i'm not even embarrassed!!!

    Ur mother-in-law to- be looks really sweet...god...u should see mine...neka doesn't even begin to describe her!

    where was the engagement? n where was rimpu...did i miss her in the p'graphs?

    ur birthday blog brought back loads of memories....i don't recall throwing a tantrum for ur party...but it has to be me (thats if u were ref to me!)..tantrums n and i go back a longg time!...i rem one particular class 7 or 8...when u were all holed up in ur room narrating ghost stories...with the lights off...n i was scared i went and sat with ur parents outside...n ur baba n ma regaled me with stories abt their trip to europe n how u decided not to go nth hr!!....those were fun times...weren't they??

    i wished u for ur birthday this year...didn't i?

    n yes..prodosh c mitter a.k.a feluda was the object of my affections for a vv large part of my childhood too...since i can't read bangla...(i took hindi in school) would buy me all the transalated versions at the book fair...n i would read them through the nights...n each time i had to imnagine feluda...soumitro would def be in the frame...he was everything one wanted in the 'ultimate bong man'..(which in my mind was best left described by satyajit ray) n daring!
    infact, i rem asking ma once if sumitro had any sons who were eligible!..that was in class 9!

    Good luck with all the wedding preps...they can be fun too!
    let me know if i can help in any way...n the offer to honeymoon in London still stands btw!


    p.s: sorry...shld have emailed u the above..but was too bloody lazy...!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:08 AM  

  • Darcy from Pride and Prejudice - the recent Keira Knightley movie had a washed out Darcy :( my mind Soumitra IS Feluda..the grey cells, the quick wit..aaah
    The original bad boy...Heathcliff
    Captain Jack Sparrow...:D
    Gilbert from Anne of Green Gables..
    actually the list is too long :)

    By Blogger Dreamcatcher, at 1:02 AM  

  • umm... you sure seem to have had/having a lot of crushes.About the heartthrob of millions whom u casullay and disrespectfully refer to as a guy with sawdust between his ears,i think you should think twice before saying such stuff because he may have obssesive fans with killer type tendencies who may do you harm.Tread with caution my child

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:09 AM  

  • I still think rakhi sawanth rocks (For both ladies and gents........................................)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:41 AM  

  • Can't comment on my crushes (too many to count!). But I must say the pics in the last post are gorgeous.

    Happy pujo!

    By Blogger Kele Panchu, at 10:49 AM  

  • Okay, this's a TRUE story...
    Scene: a hostel room in a certain academic institution in India, otherwise bored group (5/6) of young men, watching Braveheart (it was yours truly's first time actually)...last ten minutes of the movie around the execution scene...she appears in his dreams...the quaint smile, the pacifying look...

    Couple of mins hence...young men EQUIVOCALLY proclaim together "WHERE, just WHERE do you get females like that?"

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:05 PM  

  • Damn, *UNequivocally, I mean.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:13 PM  

  • You missed Darcy! You missed Darcy!

    Feluda, check. Kintu Byomkesh? Lokta ektu misogynist chhilo kintu (jodio that's part of his social context).

    Oho, and I'm linking to an old post of yours. Theek achhe?

    By Blogger Rimi, at 4:14 PM  

  • Oooooh totally agree with dreamcatcher - Darcy and Captain Jack Sparrow are soooooo dishy.

    And yes, with Soumitra as Feluda it would be impossible not to have a crush on Feluda wouldn't it :-)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:23 PM  

  • I second Panchu's comments.Almost all lady characters be it desi or videsi within the age bracket of 16-36 had caught my fancy.Of the notable ones I still remember Lara from Dr.Zhivago.But alas I was no Omar Sherif to expect a Julie Christie.My hope was restored again by the 2002 adaptation of the book.If Hans Matheson can then why can't I have a date with Keira Knightley.Anyways,a happy Pujo.If you happen to visit lemme know if the Ulsoor pujo ground is having the 2 feet deep mud this year too.

    By Blogger Bishu, at 9:57 PM  

  • @gauri: Oh you should have been there to witness that little scene with Mr. Sawdust. After making a fool of himself he proceeded to pat me patronizingly on my shoulder. He even flashed those dimples at me and said "are we cool?" I think he expected me to swoon and faint because he touched me!! ASS!!!

    @marauder map: ooooh that sounds interesting..give give. ei prothom ekta bhalo useful kotha bolle.

    @pjk: thanks :) was wodnering where you have vanished. london honeymoon is not happening. though holiday in london might happen later in the year. will definitely call and meet up with you whenver that happens.

    @dreamcatcher: You know I liked Mr. Darcy, and then I saw Colin Firth in that BBC adaptation and I fell in love with Mr. Darcy. Then I made the mistake of watching the Keira Knightley version and OH MY GOD!!!! WHAT did they do to poor Mr. Darcy? This fellow was terrible.

    @rohini: Are you threatening me my dear!!? For that loser dumbass type person!? Arent you forgetting that if it hadnt been for me you would have never been able to get that close to the man..leave alone shaking hands with him. Or are you just jealous that he patted my shoulder and not yours? Tchah!! So juvenile you are!

    @ rahul: Eh? You are trying to annoy me again arent you? Arent you? Hrmph!!!

    @panchuda: Umm...thank you, but those pics are the less horrendous ones of the lot. Shubho mahasaptami but. Have fun with your khichuri and alu.

    @anonymous : Hehehe!! Nice story. Women have these moments very frequently too as you can see :D

    @rimi: Like I said, my love for Darcy grew manifold once I saw Colin Firth in the role. So can I really call it a fictional love? Likewise for Byomkesh actually...misogynist or not I still liked him very much.

    @gm: have you seen the new feluda with sabyasachi in the main role? I like Sabyasachi but refuse to accept him as Feluda!! No way!!!! Feluda = Soumitro.

    @m : What you say is true in the case of Byomkesh and Darcy, but believe me, when it comes to Feluda and Capt Mallory, I was already head over heels in love with them by the time i saw Soumitro and Gregory Peck...and they just helped to reinforce my louve!! Sigh.
    Anyways, Shubho mahasatami. Since you asked on your blog, I have fever, and..umm..tummy related problems and am feeling most sorry for myself. Sniff.

    @bishu da: arrey shubho mahasaptami..or oshtomi..or nobomi..depending on when you read this. You really want a date with Keira Knightley? have you seen her pcitures lately? Har jirjire as we say in Bengali...definite anorexic. Orokom har ber kora chehara dekhe money prem jaage? Ki kando!!!She was a terrible Elizabeth, but maybe she will do a better job in this movie.

    By Blogger Ron, at 5:02 AM  

  • here's hoping you feel better. After all it's Pujo.

    By Blogger M (tread softly upon), at 5:52 AM  

  • Sharodiya-r shubechha:)

    By Blogger Rapid I Movement, at 12:22 PM  

  • Yep, I've seen Sabyasachi as Feluda - he has personality but he's not really swoon-inducing is he?

    Oh and pretty please reveal the name of this sawdust man in private email please? (I'll mail you if u've lost my address but for God's sake I'm dying of curiosity!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:43 PM  

  • Ron,took a look at latest Kierra pics after your comments.Looks like the poor girl badly needs someone who can feed her a mouthful.Knocked off Ms. Knightley from my list till she gains some pounds. Hope that you recovered during the pujos and was able to treak in the muddy grounds of Ulsoor.A subho bijoya to you and Rahul.

    By Blogger Bishu, at 4:29 AM  

  • What, none of the losers from Kingsley Amis? You're biased!

    By Blogger Arthur Quiller Couch, at 8:28 PM  

  • well madam ron ..i think u are cracked up from the head..who the hell are u to comment on such things on the male fraternity ?he has made it big and im sure there must be something beyond his looks which has propelled him to such a a level...u bloody women have nothing better to do but to sit on yr fat ass and crib..u know..u are not a blogger ..u have a nest over yr head where crows just arrive and shit over them..and thats where u get yr shitty fact the only difference between u and a bucket of shit is the bucket...take u lots..

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:25 AM  

  • I always fantasized about Wonder Woman - ahhhhh. Even Diana (for Phantom fame) ... and then had a brief fling with Mandrake's Narda but my loyalty to Wonder Woman brought me back to my senses ... and in time :)
    As you can see ... I'm more of a visual person :)


    By Blogger Venky, at 7:22 PM  

  • @m : better thank you :)

    @rapid i movement: shubho bijoya to you too

    @arthur quiller couch: biased? me? no no not at all.

    @bishuda: im glad you changed your mind.and no i was not able to go to ulsoor, but i am told there wasnt the usual knee deep mud this time. Marauders Map will know better though.

    @venky: yes i can see the visual bent of mind..wonder woman seems to be quite a favourite with boys...i know 2 others who get all dreamy eyed at the mere mention of the lady.

    @gm: i have your mail id and will mail you soon. but you know, i have mentioned his name in the carefully ;)

    @anonymous: ahahhahahahahhahahahaha. what a very vivid imagination you possess really!! heeheeheee. thanks for a great laugh!!

    By Blogger Ron, at 11:06 PM  

  • njoyed reading it..brought down loads of memories frm back home...feluda..yes....
    good one..cheers

    By Blogger fallenangel, at 2:29 AM  

  • darcy is the best-- i even fell in love with the darcy of the indian remake of P&P called bride and prejudice.
    ROn love ur views on a lot of things-- such a refreshingly different viewpoint-- way to go gal!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:55 PM  

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