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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The world of Indian Medicine...

A couple of months back, my friend found out she was pregnant. While she and her husband werent quite ready for this development, they were happy. Then, within days of finding out about the pregnancy she suffered a miscarriage. They went to the best gynaecologist at the best hospital in this city; who did a number of tests and declared the foetus "non-viable" and recommended a D&C procedure. They did. And tried to move on with their lives. But somehow, she didnt seem to be recovering as well as she should have been. Nagging backaches, nausea, loss of appetite, exhaustion..things were just not the same. Her doctor gave her tonics and tablets and capsules, but said she didnt need to do any tests. She dismissed her symptoms as temporary... ramblings of a overwrought hypochondriac even. The last straw was when she was rude to her and sent her away saying, "we will have to wait to do a scan and then discuss what the problem might be." My friend(lets call her A) decided it was time to go to a different doctor. She found out that she was still pregnant. The "non viable" foetus of 2 months ago, was not only viable but very much alive and kicking. The D&C procedure had not, obviously, worked the way it should have . A perfectly healthy baby had been subjected to a traumatic abortion procedure and god alone knows what kind of strong medications! Devastated is the only word I can think of to describe A's emotional state at that point, and even that doesnt begin to describe it. Dr. Shobha Rani, second in charge of Manipal Hospital's gynaecology section had messed up bad!! And to top it all, she had been callous and insensitive.
A's experience was the latest (and the most horrifying) in a long list of bad medical experiences Ive been hearing of. My colleague R, fell sick some months ago. Doctors at Mallya Hospital (another big and expensive hospital in the city) put her on strong drugs with no vitamin supplements and told her to eat only curd rice. When weakness set in, with no improvement in the fever, they increased the dosage and recommended she undergo a blood test. A blood test at Mallya Hospital costs Rs. 500. When even the increased dosage of medicines did not work, they said she needed to be admitted immediately "for observation"..another expensive process. To get the fever down they changed the kind of drugs the poor girl was taking. She could not sit straight for even five minutes. Finally her family took her home where she went to their family doctor...the old fashioned General Physician...who discovered that the latest in the long list of drugs that Mallya Hospital had put her on were the kinds used to treat pneumonia. And R's lungs were crystal signs of pneumonia at all. He took her off all drugs except the basic ones like Crocin etc. And the viral fever disappeared in a matter of days, leaving her terribly weakened from the variety of random drugs she had been taking.
I can think of so many more cases, Rahul being made to pay for and go through a ridiculous number of tests for a simple tummy upset at a hospital in Chennai, and still not being cured of the same, S being asked to admit herself in a hospital "for observation" when she went to the hospital seeking treatment for something as commonplace as a crick in the neck, doctors asking for blood tests at the drop of a hat and then insisting that the test be done at that very same hospital, doctors refusing to make I said, I can think of so many incidents.
I remember reading Robin Cook novels when I was younger and when one could still find General Physicians for ones medical needs, and being horrified. I remember thinking "thank god medicine in India is not so money driven." I guess I thanked God too soon.Today, Im told, doctors associated with the big hospitals in the country are given targets..much the same way that sales people of a consumer durables company are given targets. They have to bring in X amount of money for the hospital through over night observations, unnecessary tests, scans, procedures etc. Im no authority on the way the medical profession in India functions, but given the kind of experiences I hear of people having, I tend to believe this. Have you guys noticed how we almost never hear of anyone having a normal delivery anymore? I cant think of anyone I know who has had a normal delivery. All pregnant women seem to have some problems because of which they have to have C-sections. Doctors go out of their way to scare expectant mothers and their families about the dangers of a normal delivery. And who are we to question doctors? Of course we dont want to take the risk. Of course we agree to anything the doctor says. And of course he /she meets his targets.
My mother was treated like a human guinea pig in 1996 when she was diagnosed with gall stones. The doctor recommended surgery, and the surgeon insisted that this new procedure be followed which was absolutely safe. He made no attempt to tell her that the hospital was still trying out the new procedure, or the kind of care she should take post op. In his haste to prove to us that this new procedure is the best, he insisted that Ma go back to a normal diet within days of the operation. Which she did (who are we to argue with a DOCTOR!!?) . I can never forget what mother turning white with excruciating pain one afternoon,body temperature dropping, intense intense shivering!! My mother, who has the most unbelievably high pain threshold, whimpering in agony!! And 16 year old me, desperately calling the doctor and the surgeon, begging them to come and take a look at her, only to be told that they "dont make housecalls, so to please bring the patient to the clinic/hospital". "She cant move, she is in so much pain you bastard!" "Mind your language, I told you I cant help you. " Bastard!! We tool her to a different hospital and used my uncle's connections to get some sensitive behaviour from a doc who told us how callous the surgeon had been. To this day she cannot eat 2 full meals a day without suffering. We have had to rush her to the hospital too many times in the past than I care to think about.
Some primitve cultures revere their medicine men..their doctors, as representations of God on earth. What a pity we cant say the same of most doctors today. Sting operations on some news channel shows us doctors who take money to amputate the limbs of perfectly healthy homeless people, so that they can be turned into beggars. Doctors who execute abortions and dont even check to see if it has worked. Dcotors who are rude, callous, insensitve. Who only care about meeting their targets. These are men and women we entrust our lives to. We do live dangerously don't we? I would say avoid going to large hospitals, trust your GP...but then where are the GPs these days? We have no choice really.
This has been a REALLY long post. If you are still reading, I must thank you for your patience. A's experience was terrible. Her new doctor(who seems to be waaay more sensitive than Dr. Shobha Rani) has assured her that the baby is fine and developing normally. Dont mean to sound like the convent bred girl that I really am, but I pray everyday that things go well with A. After what she and her husband and that little baby have been through I really do pray that everything will be fine. And that Dr. Shobha Rani and Manipal Hospital get into some trouble for their criminal negligence. Sueing people is unfortunately not as easy in India as it is in the US, but that doctor richly deserves to be slapped with a malpractice suit. If you guys know how one can go about doing that, please do let me know...I shall inform A.


  • I was diagnosed with appendicitis a month before my class 10 board xams. I waited until the exams were over, by which time, the inflammation had increased and I was in quite some amount of pain. Because both my Mashi and Mesho are docs, I was taken to Kalyani, and admitted to the nursing-home of a friend of theirs. What followed was a nightmare. On the day of the op, the anaesthesist didn't turn up, so someone was asked to do a makeshift job. My parents weren't informed. I woke up while the op was on, still unable to call out, or make movements, but quite clearly able to feel what was going on. imagine being able to feel that you're being cut up, and being aware, but paralysed all over. Something went wrong, the op lasted for an hour and a half. The cut was 10 inches across, I was apparently allergic to general anaesthesia, proceeded to throw up for a day and half, two stitches ruptured, bleeding started, and I was on saline for three days, pumped full of painkillers and Reglan injections, my hip so sore from the repeated needle, I couldn't lie down or sit up. The scar hasn't gone away, as it should have, mars a large portion of my abdomen, with clear marks where the stitches got infected.
    I also lost much strength in my right hand. I can write, and eat and brush my hair. It's useless if I want to lift anything heavy or stand in a bus.
    I say this, not because I am a hypochondriac who loves to talk about her health. My aunt and uncle refused to take any responsibility for what happened. I won't ever forget the horror of those moments in the op-theatre. And the negligence of the doctors hinders me on a day to day basis, makes me furious.
    What happened to your friend makes me want to cry. If the baby, God forbid, is born with some defect due to their malpractice, who's going to answer? Please get in touch with a lawyer who practices in the Consumer's Forum. This doc needs to get slapped with a malpractice suit, pronto. Just so that this doesn't happen to anyone else.
    I wonder where those GPs went who could cure us without too much fuss and a few pills.

    By Blogger i dwell in possibility, at 10:16 AM  

  • I was so shocked to read about your friend...what happened to her is terrible there is no excuse whatsoever to justify such an act..of irresponsibility and the doc needs to be dealt with or she'll commit the same horrible n ignorant mistake with so many more people...i pray that the baby be born hail n healthy.
    i suggest that whenever people are told to go through these could be an abortion or a operation for watever reason..please consult different doctors n take opinions..however good u think ur doc is its beta to be safe..n have a 2nd or even 3rd opinion.. n do wat u then thnk is the best...i've heard of cases where babies have been aborted co's the scan report was exchanged..n the baby was completly normal n healthy..but was killed..
    one of my frends had a horrible experience..she had gone for her delivery to this gud hospital in m'lore n was in labour at night n the doc was lazy to attened to her in the night that she gave my frend an injection to sleep n left. in the morning..the baby was not moving anymore..n the mother was in a serious state too...this incident neva went away from my mind..imagine u r so excited hwen u r gonna have a baby n this terrible thg happens to u..goddd.
    we have to be alert..n keep a watch to save ourselves now a days..n we have to retaliat when such cases happen..or this will become a everyday incident..lets not let this ever happen again..n god be with ur frend n her husband n their precious baby..i can only imagine wat is going thru her mind..

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:00 PM  

  • God!..this is aweful and scares me everytime i think of going to the docs...Its so painful to even imagine what these people must have gone through during their bad phase!
    I have always been a sick child and even now for past 6 mths have been going thru a bad time physically and have done hospital visits every week...i had such an apprehension abt HK doctors but I have heard negligance stories here too.
    Someone I know has appendix and even after doing ultra soudns they did not detect the appendix and finally it burst and he rushed to the hospital and treated and thankfully is safe!
    God be with all these people who have gone thru bad experiences.

    By Blogger Ekta, at 8:31 PM  

  • Thanks for putting this on record, Ron. I still get goosebumps everytime I think of the trauma she's undergone. I had appendicitis during my pregnancy and had to be operated on immediately. Despite that I had a normal delivery. I must be really lucky. Dunno. But you are right, docs these days look for excuses to just make money, at the the cost of lives. And that Shobha Rani? Can we put up a huge poster/placards or something in front of Manipal and let the world know just how inhuman she is?

    By Blogger Priya, at 12:52 AM  

  • That's so shocking Ron. I guess every one has a horror story to tell. My grandmother was operated on and had a steel plate placed in her thigh. Five months later she who was 4'10 and so frail, it was found that the steel plate got cracked. We had to let her be operated on again beacuse it would have become septic. She didn't survive post operation complications. The steel plate had apparently got cracked while handling.
    I hope your friend has a safe pregnancy.

    By Blogger Dreamcatcher, at 10:29 AM  

  • Whats happened to the there anyone u can really close ur eyes and trust these were the life savers and they are the ones whor taking lives now!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:17 PM  

  • Hi Ron,

    I am a regular reader of your blog. This post really compels me to comment. Yes!! It is horrifying to note how insensitive and absurdly careless medical practitioners are these days. I feel so safe going to my old fashioned physician than going to a "Corporate Hospital"

    I mean I could think of three very shocking incidents as I was still reading your post. My Sister - in - law had a similar experience while she was carrying perfectly healthy twins (she was told it was a miscarriage). We lost my father - in - law to a careless nurse who administered a wrong injection after his surgery (He was an acute diabetic). And, pretty recently, my 80 year old granny was operated on her spine when her actually problem was a hip bone fracture. I really really wish we could do more than curse these doctors and the legal system. Its a pity state of affairs!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:30 AM  

  • Ron read your post yesterday but refrained from leaving a comment. I was actually writing up a post last week (which I am yet to complete) on related grounds but from a different aspect. And may be will finally finish it up and link your post to that.
    What happened to your friend was horrible and may no one ever have to go through such trauma again. And when doctors make mistakes people pay for it with their lives. Which can be a very costly mistake. And one that should never ever happen. But they do happen. Because everyone is human and we often err. Please don't get me wrong. I'm not saying trying to justify what happened. And I'm not saying doctors should get away with things like this. But more often than not we think with our hearts and less with our heads. And the fact that you never hear of normal deliveries these days is because you mingle with the upper middle class / upper class society. Go to any Govt hospital, any suburb or village and I assure you 90% if not more are normal deliveries. Because these places do not have the infrastructure or the expertise to handle CS. The reason why most OB-GYNs do not risk a normal delivery is because half the time the patient is unsure whether she wants to go through all that pain of normal delivery. And most times a first pregnancy is post dated meaning goes beyond the delievery date and doctors do not want to risk any problems to the fetus and just do a CS whether or not she needs it. They just don't want to wait. Because we all know if he/ she waits and the bay has fetal distress and God forbid after delivery something happens that says it could have been avoided had the doctor taken the baby out earlier by CS then all hells going to break lose.
    Once again I'm not defending anyone here. I'm sorry to hear about your friend and I hope she and her baby do just fine. Just my thoughts.

    By Blogger M (tread softly upon), at 6:44 AM  

  • hey, ur post is very pertinent. i have heard of several cases like the ones uve mentioned. my dad's friend was to undergo a heart surgery at a renowned bangalore based hospital...and after the surgery he realised that the doc had unblocked the wrong artery!!! its only when they went back for the regular check ups that this came to light..
    but how does one deal with this...there still are some fantastic doctors in this country...unfortunately there are some bad ones as is the case with every profession. sometimes its just the luck of the draw. what we can do, is our due diligence. perhaps more awareness on the type of ailments in question, history of the nursing home, doc etc. and taking an active interest in the treatment... i guess after that its just out of our hands...

    By Blogger Abhishek Chatterjee, at 8:16 PM  

  • @gm,m: Oh my goddd!! I had goosebumps just reading about your experience!!!

    @sonia: I dont know what to say realy..your friend must have been shattered.

    @ekta: It all sounds like some robin cook novel really. I dont know what the situation is like in HK, but take some doctors reference from friends, dont go to any random doctor in any hospital. better safe than sorry.

    @priya : Had to write about it. People should know na, which doctor to avoid in bangalore.

    @dc: Thats terrible. When my grandfather was diagnosed with prostrate cancer, the doctor just callously and brusquely told him to his face u have cancer and I dont think we can do anything to help. Forget the inefficiency, cant these people at least be sensitive ?

    @anand: Tell me about it.

    @anonymous: I wish there were more of these general physicians around. one doesnt have a choice but to go to these big hospitals most of the time. especially if you are new to a city.

    @m: You know, i was waiting to hear from you on this post :)

    I can maybe forgive a doctor a honest mistake, because like you said, they are human after all..although when you are dealing with other human lives there really is no room for error is there? But still.maybe I can. what I cannot forgive is the callousness and the insensitivity and the lack responsibility on their parts. When my friend went to her doctor saying her monthly cycle was still not back to normal, the doctor in question was rude and said she couldnt help my friend if she came without an appointment. Treated her like an irritating hypochondriac. More than the actual goof up that happened I think A is pissed about the doctor's attitude. Compassion is a sentiment one expects from doctors...unfortunately most doctors here seem to lack that.

    As for C sections and normal deliveries, I know of at least 3 people who were hell bent on normal deliveries but had to go in for c sections because their doctors kept scaring them about complications. So what is the solution if i want to have a normal delivery and my doctor insists on scaring me? should i move to a village for the delivery? Its like we are being penalised for being able to afford operations!In case of a post dated pregnancy, the least doctors can do with women who are sure they want a normal delivery is at least offer them that chance..wait till the due date,then if it doesnt happen go in for a c section. The way it seems to happen here is that the moment they tell you you are pregnant they also tell you that you have some problem because of which you need to have a c section. Its the not being given a choice that makes one suspect the doctors motives. Maybe if malpractice suits were easier to implement in India like it is in the US it would be a different story.

    Im not saying all doctors are bad. Ive known too many wonderful doctors to say that. Its just that the other kind are threatening to become a majority these days. Since there are is no way of making these people pay for their callousness and carelessness, spreading awareness ones family and friends is the best one can do.

    @abhishek : Ys. Thankfully there are a few, verrry few.. good doctors around. my family has been going to this gentleman for the last 8 years, ever since we moved to bangalore. No matter what the problem is we go to him, if its not something he can handle...such as my grandfathers prostrate cancer, we take his reference for another doctor. Have introduced Rahul and most of my friends to the same guy. And you are right about knowing about ones ailments, reading up on it might not make one an expert but at least one knows what to look out for, what to ask the doctor. Also I feel its very important to take second and third opinions before going in for major procedures.

    By Blogger Ron, at 11:38 PM  

  • Ron, here, from Speravi's blog. :) I didn't know there were PR firms in Bangalore? Do they pay well? What kind of clients do you take on? Would you please email me on this? I am very keen on working in India. :)

    The email ID is dj(dot)krishkay(at)googlemail

    Thanks a load. :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:43 PM  

  • I remember when one of my friend's mother died due to incompetency of the anesthetist, the surgeon in-charge called up my friend's father to inquire whether they are thinking of any legal steps.Becoz if that be the case he should consult his lawyers beforehand.Does filing a case in consumer forum be of any help?

    By Blogger Bishu, at 5:10 AM  

  • @djk: Hope i've answered your questions on mail. Let me know in case you are thinking of moving to Bangalore.

    @bishu: Im not sure how effective this whole Consumer Forum thing will be you know. I guess we should consult a lawyer.

    By Blogger Ron, at 5:53 AM  

  • I agree with you completely. Much of my time in India was spent discussing and spending time about and in hospital. I'm still trying to recover from what has happened. There'll be a post soon.

    By Blogger Kele Panchu, at 4:49 PM  

  • I knew a guy in class 12 whose father, a reputed doctor in Goa, paid a crap load of money to people to have his son's board marks altered so that he could get into med college. I guess it's people like these who turn out to be great doctors in the future.
    Case in point :
    My roommate in Pune suffered a dislocated shoulder once and was in pretty excruciating pain. I took him to a doctor (orthopaedic) who took his X ray and said everything was fine; he just needed to be given a general anaesthetic before his shoulder was manually set into place. Right after this he offered my friend a bottle of water to drink as we waited for the doctor with the anaesthetics to arrive. Fortunately this second guy was something of a 'real' doctor, as just before giving the injection he asked me whther my friend had had anything to eat or drink. I told him about the water. I then came to know it's very basic medical knowledge that a patient has to be on an absolutely empty stomach for at least 2 hours before general anaesthesia. If not food/drink can just pass through the person's wind pipe and the patient has about a 40% chance of dying. So my friend had to sit in agony for another 2 hours till the water digested before he could be treated.
    The orthopaedic got a mouthful from me, but it made me think what kind of a ratship these people come out of.

    By Blogger Soham Pablo, at 9:05 PM  

  • hi.. i linked u in my blog day list of favourite 5:

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:46 PM  

  • @panchuda: welcome back. ki aar bolbo dada...trying to reach your blog, but once again there is some problem with my server!! hope whatever ailed you in India wasnt too bad.

    @soham: shottyi, everyone has some horror story to tell.

    @runa: thank you, and welcome to my blog.

    By Blogger Ron, at 5:51 AM  

  • Isn't a happy post due now?

    By Blogger Rapid I Movement, at 8:15 AM  

  • my oh my, the event looks so familiar! exactly same thing happened a couple of weeks back to my friend and his wife. very distressful, indeed. but blore hospitals are much better compared to the ones in other cities. sply in hyd, kolkata, delhi etc.. lived in hyd for 4 yrs, and i had seen things on my own. there's a popular saying on one of the best hospitals in india.
    "either they take your life away or the money" - in both the cases, things boil down to the same, Almost! :(

    well, just dropped in to ur blog from Rimi's and went on reading a couple of posts. the one that has a mention of a narendrapur boy, interested me most! :) i happen to have studied there for good 8 years too! the sacrifice thing u pointed out on Fans during the peak summer heat is so good to hear about. atleast someone thought we are gallants! by the way, drop me the name. might just know that stupid who played chess with a girl at summer vacations!!! hee hee.

    By Blogger Admin, at 2:39 AM  

  • sheesh! that is pathetic negligence!!! so scary!

    By Blogger shub, at 10:38 PM  

  • both my sister and bil are doctors, studied in India and working in London. they dread coming back to India to work in the corrupt hospitals....(bil thinks it is better to serve in villages)

    ironically all my friends in India who had children was thro' C-Section while my sis had both her deliveries Normal.

    By Blogger Swathi Sambhani aka Chimera, at 4:19 PM  

  • Thank you for bringing this incident to light ! I had just made an appointment to see Dr. Shobha Rani...I didnt know of any Gyneacologists in Bangalore and so just called manipal and make an appointment. I googled on Shobha Rani and stumbled upon your Blog ! After reading your blog I am going to skip it !
    Does anyone know of a Good Gyneacologist in Bangalore ?

    By Blogger Rashmi Singh, at 11:32 PM  

  • hi..

    my friend, let us call her 'A' again, had a very similar experience with the same woman.

    i do not want to go into the details of her problem - but they were serious enough for her, and in her mind, to go and see a doctor. as luck would have it, it was dr shobha rani at manipal hospital.

    from the accounts of what 'A' has told me, the woman is a thorrough bitch. she dismissed her within 2 minutes of seeing her. her problems persisted, and so did her worries, and she had to go in to see her again after 10 days.

    shobha rani agreed to hear her out this time, and when she asked to be exmined, dr. rani was immensely callous and hurt her immensely. whenever she complained of the pain, she would say 'you only wanted me to examine you. so bear with the pain and co-operate'.

    my poor friend 'A' had to go through this torture alone, and then later, after an untrasound with a much kinder woman, she got some kind of reasurance.

    but the base of the matter is - people like shobha rani should be punished. i swear, if i was there i would slap her. how can she be so cruelly insensitive to a little 22 year old girl? she is practically a child.. and a bitch like shobha rani, on the strength of her exalted position at a prominent hospital and her insensitive arrogance has caused her much pain and worry.

    i hope shobha rani and the likes of her rot in hell.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:44 AM  

  • Hi,

    I too have a very bad experience to share.

    When I was first time pregnant, I was v.happy & went to see the best Doctor in town. I had heard about Dr. Padmini Issac, chief at Maratha's Hospital(2002).

    I often complained of severe backache, unable to sleep properly during nights... after my first trimester. She increased the calcium dosage & ignored it completely.

    Two scan were done at 9weeks & 20 week respectively, plus monthly checkup, blood test etc. All reports were normal & diagonised as single healthy foetus.

    I was working too. When I was 26 weeks , my water bag broke & i was rushed to hospital . Dr. Padmini advised me complete bed rest and said if I didnt develop labour pain with 48hrs I will go through the pregnancy else even if I deliver, she want be able to save the baby. I was admitted in the hospital for 3days, keeping everything undercover.

    The third day, I developed pain, but Dr. Padmini did not come , instead a duty doctor attended me.

    My worst shock of my life came in the labour room.

    My moment of joy turned into NIGHTMARE.

    I delievered a baby & still was in pain. Then the duty doctor was asking the nurse for the SCAN REPORT, because she suspected another baby in my womb.

    Yes, I was expecting TWINS which neither the scan report nor the Gyne had ignored & being unaware I did not take any precaution & was working, when I was supposed to be on bed rest. Had I done that my TWINS would be 4 years old today.

    After the duty doctor saw the SACN report she was shocked, since it read as "SINGLE FOETUS".

    Within few minutes, I delievered one more baby.

    When I asked the nurse what baby I had delievered & when when my family peoplw were trying to find ways to save the TWIN, the nurse said, " She has 2 sons, that is reason she is trying to save them".

    Whether my kids were boy/ girl I was mother.

    Dr. Padmini met me the next day & simply said "SORRY".

    Will her sorry give back my sons.

    We tried hard to save them, but...


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:44 AM  

  • Talking abt hospitals, I would also like to share my experience in cambridge hospital, Ulsoor. My pregnancy exp. were very bad. I am married for 3 yrs. My first delivery ended in a still birth in 9th month due to unknown reasons. The delivery took place outside bangalore. My monthly check-ups were done in cambridge hospital from 2nd to 7th month for the first pregnancy. I got pregnant within months after delivery. Thinking that the doctor in camb. knows my case I again went to her. All the monthly-ckeck ups everythin I was told normal. In every 15 days I was going to the doctor due to the excessive kicks by fetus. Inspite of all this doctor being over confident ignored all symptoms. In the 9th month again I was worried abt excessive kicks and I was admitted still the doctor could not find anything wrong. finally she decided for an NST and the NST doctor told me that his observation shows the heart beat of the baby is very wavering. Let us expect the best but i am not happy with the result so delivery has to be done. A C-section was done coz the NST Doctor was not very optimistic and we thought once the baby comes out our problem will be solved. The baby was born with a major heart defect. He was a blue baby. If the doctors have no knowledge of scans then why in earth they do it in India. 4 scans were done for me totally still the doctor could not find out this. Had she detected this even at least in 8th month I would had been saved from C-section at least. We were not provided any help to find a doctor for the baby's problem not even an ambulance. My mother and my husband rushed to manipal hospital with the baby and i was left alone. There I got no care from the duty nurse. Nobody was there even to change the drips bottle. I was in a pathetic condition. The cost of c-section along with other things for the operation was 50000.
    Inspite of knowing the case is problematic due to prev. miscarraige at 9th month the doctor failed me i'll say. The doctor being over-confident, their machines redundant, lack of facilities in hospital, u\s doctor being totally inexperienced made me go thru 9 months of pregnancy. Had we gone to a better hospital may be we would not had been going thru the mental trauma which we are undergoing now. My son is no more. The doctors at Narayana hrudyalaya(very dedicated, efficient, thorough professionals esp. Dr rajesh Sharma) did their best but he passed away in his 4th month.

    The lesson is one needs to be very careful while choosing any doctor

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:19 AM  

  • What is the similarity between the autowalahs and the doctors in Bangalore?
    - You will find an honest one only after you have dealt with a 100 crooks.

    Luckily I have found a good paediatrician, after quite a few trial and errors on my 6 month old baby.

    Another thought: Hospitals cannot be good, because they are businesses anyway. But you may find good doctors, coz at least some of them are humans.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:25 PM  

  • A good experience turned bad. I consulted Doctor Prakash Kini at Cradle hospital, Jayanagar Bangalore for my pregnancy.For those of you who dont know , this hospital looks like a 5 star hotel and houses some of the most qualified doctors in bangaloreand Dr. Kini happens to be one of their best But thats where the good part ends. Our first visit to him was a good experience considering that he made a careful notes of my medical history something a doctor I was previously consulting in this city hadn’t done. But our good experience was short lived. When during my 6th week of pregnancy I noticed some spotting, I immediately brought it to the doctors notice and he said I should rest for 4 days. F urther questions from me were treated with quick tempered wise cracks and absolutely no medical input. On the morning of the 5th day the spotting turned to light bleeding and I was asked to come in after lunch hours . May I add that since my pregnancy became known, except for the medical history and prescription of folic acid , no scan, no blood test were done which should have been the norm . I waited nearly 1.5 hours for the scan at cradle after which the doc told me that it seemed like a threatened miscarraige and I should continue to rest. On the 8th day the bleeding became heavier. I was asked to come in at office opening hours. The doc asked me if I “wanted” a scan where I again waited with my scan report for another hour till he saw all his patients. After which he was quick to advise a D&C. When I said I wasn’t mentally prepared for it, he snapped my file shut and I quote verbatim” WHY LOOK FOR AN UMBRELLA WHEN YOU ARE ALREADY WET AND ITS ALREADY RAINING? I decided then and there that if I were to have a D&C I will not have it performed by Kini or at anyone at cradle. Btw. a D&C at Cradle costs upwards of 30000Rs. But money wasnt the issue with me, the doctors attitude was
    By afternoon in the ER of another hospital, the doctors and nurses were both surprised that I did not have any initial pregnancy scans/ reports/ tests. In nearly 70 percent of cases(I later learnt) the bleeding is resolved if reported early. I was 8 days too late . Since no blood tests or monitoring was done at the onset, I would never now know if I could have been among those lucky 70 percent. After discharge from the hospital I made enquiries and found out that when after discovery, if bleeding in a pregnant woman continues for 48 hours it is a standard protocol at many hospitals and even smaller nursing homes to admit the patient and necessary medical intervention is considered. I was surprised that a Star facility and maternity hospital like Cradle does not have a protocol like this (unless it has one and kini wasn’t following it). I grieve for my lost baby but am angrier that I never was given a fair chance thanks to one doctor’s cocky arrogance and extreme pride. A midwife in small village would have done a lot more than kini did for me .A whole lot of money and waiting for just checking BP, weight and prescription fo folic acid tabs. I wasnt expecting a miracle but letting someone bleed for 8 days without being medically attended to is unacceptable. . I was new to this city this was my first pregnancy I depended entirely on the doctors reputation and judgment and hence learnt a very expensive lesson. I have surfed the net for a good gyn in bangalore . I thought my experience with this doctor was an exception. Now I know it has happened to other people who have seen him. . BE CAUTIONED

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:58 PM  

  • May I know who was the better doctor that A consulted. I am having a similar kind of issue with my wife and would like to get a second opinion.

    By Blogger vagmi, at 7:58 AM  

  • Its really sad to hear about all these cases. But they only remain stories that you just read through until something like this happens to you.
    We always had plans to leave india .. but stayed here for the love of it .. our biggest mistake.
    my brother had an accident and was admitted to ivy hospital mohali .. he ahd head injury and he was kept on ventilator even though he was conscious before and was talking ot us. doctors kept insuring us that he is all right and won't need a surgery for 2 days.And then after 36 hours he suddenly came to us and informed us that if he isn't operated upon in 15 minutes .. he'll die.
    Even after the surgery he regained his senses. Later we talked to neurosurgeons they told us that after patient has regained senses doctors should remove the tube they put in to keep the patient on vent. Still these docs didn't tak out tube for whole week. And after all the assurance he suddenly dies after 10 days in hospital. The doctors have no explanation for what happened to him.
    Its disgusting that even after his D$#th we are left to run from pillar to post in search of answers. Needless to dy that the concerned dodctors just refuse to entertain us and answer our questions.

    By Blogger selvester, at 12:31 AM  

  • Dr. Fathima Poonawala is a very competent obstetrician and gynecologist in Bangalore. She consults at Mallya Hospital and has her own clinc, Alfa clinic in JP Nagar. I consulted her for my first pregnancy and now am doing so for my second one too. She is very calm, knowledgeable, very reassuring and highly ethical.
    Contact: 22443279

    By Blogger Unknown, at 10:34 PM  

  • Hi Ron.This is Saurabh.Im a medical student in mumbai.i read your n my friends r preparing a medical symposium on medical malpractices.n v would raise this topic in front of Drs.from India.But I wd lyk u 2 help us in jus getting information regarding these cases.v need some kind of proof regarding these il prepare a proforma n send it 2 could be of very much use.i hope u wd help us n help fix this problem faced all over the world.Thanx.i would leave my email id so please do

    By Blogger Unknown, at 12:27 AM  

  • Please be cautious in selecting your gynec if you seriously need a normal delivery.I did a big mistake going to Dr Padmini Isaac.I not only landed in c-section but my baby also had to suffer after birth due to her wrong methods.She might be well experienced but totally incapable in doing a normal delivery.I would strongly not recommend anyone to go to a gynec like Dr Padmini Isaac.

    By Anonymous Darsh, at 2:14 AM  

  • This post is still the 3rd result on a Google search for Shobha Rani Manipal Hospital, and a lot of people have asked for gynaec recommendations. Im sorry I had not checked earlier and didnt respond, but for future reference, the 2nd doc my friend A went to was Dr.Leela Bhagwan. I too am consulting her and find her reassuring approachable and extremely competent. She consults at The Cradle and has a reputation for pushing for normal deliveries.

    By Blogger Ron, at 12:11 PM  

  • My father was admitted in a hospital in Mangalore long ago with cereberal bleding They have carelessly given insulin and he had died of hypoglyciemia in the night. Feels sorry for teh state of affairs in Mangalore

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:31 AM  

  • Quite useful information. Its really hard to move from one place to another with all the luggage to be towed. Such kid of services are going to go a long way.
    fertility centre Bangalore

    By Blogger John Maxxwell, at 2:44 AM  

  • Todays medical system has become the least transparent of all industries. The system punishes care providers for doing the right thing. For example, in pregnancy and birth, incidence of c-section touch 75% in most urban hospitals, and unnecessary interventions such as induction, epidurals, stripping of membranes etc are the rule rather than the exception. The situation is worse in smaller cities and towns.

    Hospitals have begun to look like 5-star hotels, thinking that is what customers want; but ultimately purity of purpose, empathy and total dedication to the customer's needs are what is lacking in even many of the famous hospitals and doctors.

    By Anonymous Krishnan Sakotai, at 11:16 AM  

  • By Blogger Unknown, at 2:36 AM  

  • You should have put a case of criminal negligence against them !!! Did you??

    By Blogger That "Masala" girl... , at 9:27 AM  

  • You should have put a case of criminal negligence against them !!! Did you??

    By Blogger That "Masala" girl... , at 9:27 AM  

  • Thanks for sharing good information, Find Genuine patient reviews about best gynecologist in Bangalore.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:21 PM  

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