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Monday, February 13, 2006

Valentines Day

I am back to being happy and cheerful...a biiiiig thank you to all those sweeeet people who left nice comments on my previous rather whiny post :)

Moving on to regular programming. So, its Valentines Day tomorrow. For the past few years Valentines Day merely means writing Valentines special press releases for icky heart shaped and/or pink coloured products. It also means avoiding restaurants, and roads like MG Road so that I dont have to deal with the overabundance of red hearts, ugly Cupids with bows and arrows and of course young couples who seem to be joined at the hip. Thats all. Loves special day means just about that much to me.

Things were not always like this. There was a time when I would get excited about Valentines Day, agonize over what gift to buy and plan elaborate dates...the works. Unfortunately, Saint Valentine did not seem to like me much. Disaster is the word that springs to mind.

The year: 1995/96. I am in Class IX or X(cant remember exactly) and totally thrilled about having a boyfriend. D is a family friends son. (We used to play together as kids, then lost touch then met at a wedding and pubescent hormones took get the picture Im sure). So we have been "seeing each other" for a month, and Valentines Day is to be the BIG DATE. Till now we have had to restrict our interactions to extended phone calls and depend on common friends/ family friends organising get togethers/picnics/ Saraswati Pujo and inviting both our families. Therefore, we are both highly excited. We have bought 'advance' movie tickets, and plan to end the date with some hand holding and sweet nothings over icecream.

Unfortunately for us, our prolonged phone conversations have been overheard, moony eyed glances at get togethers noticed and parental suspicions raised. Due to several factors, poor D has been labelled "undesirable" and a "bad influence" by my parents. So when on V'Day I announce that I am going out for a movie, meaningful glances are exchanged between the parents, and my father immediately says that he will drop me to the theatre. (Please note I was quite the spoilt brat where it came to public transport when I was young, and usually demanded the car if I had to go and meet people. Therefore my declaration of taking the bus to go for a movie would have naturally made the most gullible and trusting parent suspicious). I protest vociferously but succeed only in reinforcing his unspoken suspicion that his little angel is upto no good. So I give in and let Baba drive me to Priya Cinema. After which the man refuses to leave till my "friend" shows up. Through my desperate protests and attempts to convince him otherwise, I see D reach the theatre, take a second to register my father's presence and dive for cover behind a car.... all behind my fathers back. Thankfully. Finally Baba leaves with this dialogue " I suppose your friend is obviously not going to show up as long as I am here right?" (!!!!!!!!)

So we heave big sighs of (misguided) relief and walk in for the movie, and spend a happy 3 hours holding sweaty hands and attempting to rest my head on his shoulders (most uncomfortable). Then, feeling all mushy and gushy and looking forward to icecream, we walk out of the theatre hand in hand…straight into my wonderful father. The conversation goes something like this:

Me: Baba!! Ehehehehehehe (please read as nervous hysterical laughter).

D: Oh!! (drops hand that till now he has been holding tenderly, like it’s a hot potato).

Me: Eta D, eta Baba (This is D This is Baba). Ehehehe.

D: Good morning Uncle. (It is 5.30 in the evening)

Me: Hehe!! Good morning. Heehee!! Baba!!

D: Eh!? Eh!! Heh! ( various tones and intonations and pitches)

Baba: Hmm (curt nod and tight smile at D). Tinni get in the car.

Me: Yes…car…ehehehehe. I shall go now. Heh.

I dive into the car without a second look at D and we drive home in stony silence punctuated by my nervous and still slightly hysterical giggling (which on hindsight, Im sure didn’t help my case much).

Not exactly what we had in mind for V’day. My romantic first date ended with my mother making up for my fathers lack of words. She screamed at me consistently for the next 6 months, which was when I dumped D( he was really rather dull and I grew out of it).

I remained boyfriendless after D till I reached college. By which time my parents had relaxed considerably and though I never explicitly told them I was seeing V, I think they guessed and seemed to like him. For our first V’ Day together, we decided to go to a fancy restaurant for dinner. I bought him a nice T shirt and he bought this really cute stuffed green and orange turtle and really sappy card ( we were 19 so sappy cards seemed romantic, ok!?) All seemed to be going ok, till the food arrived. At the sight of the Chicken Escalopes, the mildly nauseated feeling that I had been ignoring all evening could not be ignored any more. I just about made it to the restroom on time. V drove me home and spent the evening holding my hair back as I puked! Bad case of food poisioning from stale college canteen egg puffs.

The year after that we decided to go to a restaurant on MG Road. And almost got trampled by the massive crowd. And felt up by a drunk pervert..or perverts..difficult to tell in that crowd. So by the time we got to the restaurant we were both quite put off and in no mood to enjoy ourselves.

After that, I decided that Saint Valentines does not like me much. So Valentines Day stopped being special in 2nd year of college. I haven’t done anything for V’Day since then. Why tempt fate!? This year Rahul will be working late (as usual) and I shall go home after work and watch tv. Sounds like a plan doesn’t it?


  • Aww!
    Hey not too much of a valintine day person either...most of the times.

    When I was still single, watching some of the rare romantic movies on TV was the only solace on Vday!!

    This yr...Hubby dear though is planning to cook dinner for me tomorrow...:-))

    By Blogger Ekta, at 5:04 AM  

  • what a wonderful putpourri of memories. mg road pune? blore?

    also, funny na, how parents views on such things graduallt change as we grow

    now that i'm still thirty and hopelessly single, my parents would die of excitement & joy if i came back from early from work 2mrw and said am going out for a date - dont wait up! lol

    By Blogger Prerona, at 3:33 PM  

  • hang in there ron! St. Valentine always looks up on everybody...especially after they are married! So just one more year!

    By Blogger Anand, at 8:38 PM  

  • @ekta: Yes..that is the advantage of marrying a a trained chef. My man is a disaster waiting to happen as far as the kitchen is concerned, therefore romantic dinners if any, would have to either be a take away or involve me cooking. *siiigs*. But you have a great Valentines Day and do tell me what the man cooked :)

    @prerona: shotti. why are parents like that? i mean D was just one of those really silly teenage things, and you should have seen how my folks FREAKED. i continued seeing him for six months after the VDay fiasco just out of stubborness..if they had reacted differently i would have broken up with him waaay earlier. Parents!! *shakes head disapprovingly*.
    and its mg road bangalore..ive never been to pune.

    @anand: eeessshh!! you had to remind me of marriage didnt you :(
    i just found out that they will be showing While You were Sleeping on tv tonight, its one of those nice mushy movies i totally love. so i am happy :)

    By Blogger Ron, at 10:35 PM  

  • Ron: Nice memories! You do have a great plan. V day is like any other day. Why should love be confined to one day in an entire year? I just don't get it. Btw, if it helps, my valentine is in Bangalore and I'm here in Chennai. So my V day plan is to go home and do nothing.

    Prerona: I know what you mean!

    By Blogger Accidental Fame Junkie, at 2:02 AM  

  • The D incident was hilarious. And Happy V day:-)

    By Blogger AB, at 4:34 AM  

  • Really funny post. Glad to have you back in good cheer Ron!

    By Blogger M (tread softly upon), at 12:50 PM  

  • What a clever Dad! Must take notes, will come in handy soon enough.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:41 PM  

  • @ab: i met D after like 10 years recently and how we laughed over this incident. he told me that he went home that day terrified that my dad would have called his dad who in turn would be ready to thrash him. thankfully he did nothing of the sort. parents i tell u!!

    @m(tread softly upon): ekhon funny mone hoye...but i was soooooo scared at that point of time :D

    @ph: ooohh!! he is scarily clever trust me!! and no please dont take lessons from this. believe me the more you force your teenager to do or not do something they more rebellious they will get. believe me instead of all the sherlock holmes type thing my father did that day if both of them had merely talked with me and told ne their objections (extremely valid ones they were too) i would have broken up with him much earlier, instead of stubbornly continuing for 6 more months.

    oh and welcome to my blog btw :D

    By Blogger Ron, at 8:43 PM  

  • @afj: i replied to your comment yesterday..dont know where it vanished...yeah valentines day is just another day...NOW.when i was 16 valentines day seemed totally special and know what happened.
    pity about the long distance valentine...but chennai is not too far..maybe you could come off to bangalore for the weekend?

    By Blogger Ron, at 10:12 PM  

  • nice post..i had decided quite some time ago that this 'day' concept is no good...the expenses keep adding up!!! love is forever and every day is as good as the next. so there. hmmph!

    By Blogger Abhishek Chatterjee, at 11:49 PM  

  • @abhishek: i hope youir girlfriend feels the same way about the "day" concept being useless. otherwise we might find a very hassled abhishek buying teddy bears and solitaires just before Valentines. hyuk hyuk!!!

    By Blogger Ron, at 4:25 AM  

  • My dad threatened to hire a detective to track me down, when i was dating my midget mastaan first bf! No matter when, where or in what shape they are, fathers will always be the same, eh? Rea' Khoo' post kintu.

    By Blogger rainbeau_peep, at 5:40 AM  

  • @rainbeau peep: midget mastan boyfriend!!?? how very interesting. do tell more. and yeah fathers will never change..i think they are the same the world over!

    By Blogger Ron, at 6:25 AM  

  • oqcchxValentine's Day.Hmmmmm......never felt much for it at any point of time.....

    This Valentine's Day however is special for me.....
    I joined my new job on the 14th...

    Ha ha ha !!!

    By Blogger Soham Pablo, at 5:58 AM  

  • @soham: and how is new job going for you dear?

    By Blogger Ron, at 10:44 PM  

  • Watching TV and Rahul working late!!!! Dont make V day such a routine!!! come on be inspired by the anecdote of theme color decor(GIMME RED!!!!). well, most unexpected things happen on such bloody i mean blood red nights!!!!

    By Blogger Jayashree, at 12:30 AM  

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