Life's Like That

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hard Rain

Ki brishti ki brishti..oops sorry Seema...that can be loosely translated into "so much rain!!" am sick of dreary grey mornings that turn into dreary grey afternoons and dreary wet evenings. I have forgotten what the sun looks like...or feels like. It really is awful.
The floods in Bangalore havent reached Mumbai proportions yet...lets just hope they don't at all and the rains stop soon. This city is really not equipped to handle this kind of rain...if it rains the way it did in Mumbai we will witness more deaths, more chaos and a total meltdown of administrative machinery..if such a thing exists in the first place. I have been in this city for almost 8 years...and have been a horrified witness to its decline over the past 2 years. From being this happening developed yet green garden city Bangalore has become this nightmarish place to live in.
I am not exaggerating. You only need to see the road outside my house (Hayes Road..connecting road between Richmond Road n Residency Road) to understand where I'm coming from. cannot be called a road at all...only war ravaged Bosnia or Afghanistan could have roads like that, as a result of all the bombings and shellings. Just about a week back some people blocked off St. Marks Road w/o any warning.. and proceeded to dig it its open...but it can hardly be called a road...more like an unploughed field...whoever dug it up was responsible only for filling in the earth again...not levelling the damn thing and leaving it the way they found it. ..not their job profile you see.
As for publ;ic transport...what public transport? Buses are few and far between..there are no taxis (yeah no taxis!!!!!) no Metro..only overpriced death machines otherwise known as autos..I have ranted enough and more about autos earlier, but no amount of ranting can be enough...when it rains its IMPOSSIBLE to find an auto..that its difficult to find an auto in the best of climactic conditions is another drivers are rude dishonest and reckless many of us have had bad experiences in autos driven by maniacal drunk men? Of late they are also turning into lechs...and worse....they play suggestive Hindi numbers, touch you unnecessarilyunder the pretext of returning change or adjusting the seat or..oh a 100 other things...sometimes its so subtle you cannot even describe it. Horrible.
The weather here used to be thebest thing about with the indiscriminate cutting down of trees, its getting hotter and hotter..when its not raining of course. They say they are going to improve the flyovers, start the Metro rail service.....they say...thye Airport Road flyover has been underconstruction FOREVER....n the likes of Deve Gowda are doing their best to prevent the Metro, and the international airport and the further development of industry in general and IT in particular.....well pretty much anything that would improve the current state of infrastructural collapse that Bangalore is in...
I could go on n on n on....but there is a slight respite from rain..I must leave and wander on the streets till I find an auto..which will demand at least 50 bucks to get me home....which I think I will have to pay...or be prepared to walk home in the rain..through the dark roads and craters and potholes and stuff..

Monday, October 24, 2005


Ei notun office aamar theek paashe ekta bhoyonkor irritating lok boshe...sharadin ekta badly written text booker moton boke jaye...non stop....aar daat kalaye!!! Taar opor nijer kaaj aamar ghare chapanor cheshta korte thaake jodio he is in a diff team!!!! Dhore thappod lagate hoye. Aamar shonge eki dine join modhdhei everybody in the office is fed up!!! Seriously patience er shesh shimanaye pouche jachchi aami.

Eta Bangalaye lekha kano ki chagolta shedin actually leaned over n peeped into my screen aar aamar url ta note korlo..w/o invitation...etotai mannerless. Jodi access kore pore and bojhe tahole jhamela hobe...shudhu shudhu jhamela invite korte chai na...

Anyways the other disconcerting thing about this office is that it has only one loo...for both sexes!! There are about 20 odd people here (its very overpopulated for a PR agency) four women...its so very gross to use the same loo as the men...specially sometimes when u go towards the loo and see some man coming out of it and u know that u have to go in next...gross!! Not to mention inconvenient...women need to have a separate loo.

Thankfully we are shifting into a newer bigger office...which means that a) there will be 2 separate loos for men n women and (more importantly) b) aamake ei oshojjo loktar paashe boshte hobe na...daat kelaane bancharam!!!!!!!!

UFFFFFF!!! eshe geche...ekhuni jigesh korbe ki kore blog korte hoye....jala!!!!!! Grrrrr!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Hug the parents!!

So I met his parents, They are really nice sweet people and definitely deserve a better DIL than me :-( ...I was an awkward nervous wreck through the evening.
His mom hugged me the moment I entered the house. Now those of you who know me will know that hugging is the one thing that makes me terribly uncomfortable. I don't hug...anyone!! Needless to say, I just froze!!! However this was'nt as bad or as noticeable or as horribly awkward as the non hug that happened when I was leaving. His mom wanted to hug me goodbye and I wasnt sure if I was supposed to move towards her or vice a result this awkward non hug kinda situation happened. Im told that his family is rather fond of hugging...a prospect that fills me with dread...nevertheless I shall try and look less horror struck n be less wooden log like when I hug his family members from now on. Siiiigh!
After the initial shock of the hug wore off, I must say his parents put me totally at ease by being so wonderfully NICE ....which is more than I can say about R....I am yet to see anyone looking more ill at ease!! (If you are reading deserved that for refusing to say"Ron isnt it getting late? Don't you need to get home?" when I wanted to leave. How the hell was I supposed to jump up and say that I wanted to leave??? Grrrr!!!)
Other than the hugging fiascos, the evening went well; though I think uncle was rather disappointed to hear that I don't eat fish, don't know how to cook fish and don't intend to learn either. Neither of them seemed to mind the fact that I can't cook, but the "I will never cook fish" stance hurt their fish loving souls I think. Much as I would like to impress them, I think I must draw the line somewhere.
The bestessssstt part of the evening happened when I was leaving ( before the hug disaster ruined it all)....they actually gave me a gift...bought specially for me...and it was actually a sari. I was THRILLED!!! NOONE has EVER given me a sari..I think everyone considers me to silly to be gifted saris. Though I wear them only for special ocassions like weddings, festivals and Ashtami, I looove saris, I hope to learn how to handle them and walk properly soon. On the few rare occasions when I wear a sari, I usually borrow from my mother or my aunt. So even though I don't wear saris too often, I was thrillled to be gifted one by uncle and aunty. So thrilled that I was unsually proactive and got the fall pecco done in exactly 1 days time, and even ventured into the tremendous pre Pujo crowds in Gariahat on ponchomi to buy a blouse. I almost got trampled by a mob of angry blouse seeking women, but emerged alive...clutching mu airhostess sleeveless blue blouse. I wore the sari on Nabami and even though I say it myself, looked rather nice.
The whole point to this really long post is that I am extremely relieved that it all went off well. Spoke to his mom a couple of times after that...the M word is beginning to look a little less scary now....though Im still rather doubtful of my own abilities at keeping house.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Shubho Bijoya

The wishes are a little belated, but then I have not had the time, or the will (or access to the Net) for that matter) to blog. Am back from a nice 15 day break.Oh the bliss of being temporarily jobless....incomparable. Have started work at new far so good. Way more people in this office as compared to my old one..still struggling to connect the names to the faces.

Durga Puja started on a rather bad note when someone tried to sabotage our parar pujo in Cal by setting fire to it the day after Mahalaya..not day was in the middle of the night. Given the geography of the area, we were just plain lucky that the blaze was noticed and people managed to control it before property and life was damaged ( our curtains got was that big and that close). The pandal and protima was completely destroyed, but thanks to the overwhelming show of support from all, we were able to re organise Durga Pujo, though on a smaller scale.

That one incident apart, Kolkata was gooood fun! Sayoni..I met up with Roush, Sudp and Such. Tried dissuading Rosh from marrying this guy...but I guess she has her own compulsions. Sudp and Such are still bickering away to glory. Abhishek..I did visit Peter Cat..twice... and remembered to remember you while eating the chelo kabab and the chicken sizzler :-)

Spent a decent amount of time with the family...went on a few "thakur dekha" trips that I havent done in years. The pandals were amaziiiiiiinnng...creativity at its very best. Seriously, some of thos pandals were works of art worth preserving. This one para had recreated these ancient Hindu temples in thermocol and cardboard...mindblowing!! Another one recreated a famous Shiva temple in terracotta. Its such a pity these structures are so temporary..there should be some way of preserving such awesome creative expressions. Will post photographs once I get them.

I did meet R's parents before I left for Cal...but more of that later..I think it deserves a separate post. 15 more minutes and I can leave for the day..HAVE to go to the gym...I ate like there was no tomorrow in could I say no to chelo kabab and radhaballavi alur dom and alu kabli and phuchka and the mishti and soooo many yummmy things?? It would have been a sin to the god of good food. Need to work off all those calories and put myself on a soup and salad diet. What a depressing thought. Siiiiigh.