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Monday, September 05, 2005

Weekend Woes

What a weekend!!!My worst ever. Why you ask? Read on....
Saturday: I wake up with a mild case of food poisoning , spend a rather unhappy day at work. Ride to R's place on the back of his bike in the POURING rain and through the most horrible traffic jam..and reach home only to discover that my cell phone is missing!!!!!!! Had put in the last pocket of my bag and charecteristically had not closed the pocket, it must have fallen out!
Those of you who know me well will know how attached I am to my cell. I feel like I've lost a part of my hand (no exaggerations..really). Add to it the fact that I have effectively lost all the numbers stored in that phone..including the few very important ones that I managed to get during my brief stay in Mumbai, and the fact that this handset is not even six months old, you can understand why I am so upset.
To add to my misery, I call up Spice Telecom to block my SIM card n the morons tell me that they cannot do so till I send them a fax to reconfirm this!! I mean what the f***!!! No other service provider is as brainlessly obsolete as this!! I REALLY lose it after they steadfastly refused to block my SIM w/o a fax. I am in the middle of Banaswadi with no Fax centre in sight in the POURING rain n these dimwits refuse to even consider it as an emergency! After 20 mins of alternately shouting and begging, it finally takes a "I handle your PR and can go to your Managing Director with this if you don't do it right away" kind of a threat to get it done.
Sunday: Reasonably peaceful morning spent doing nothng(including eat lunch) R and I leave home at around 6.15p.m. to buy myself a new cell. 6.30: The heavens open up while we were on this long desolate stretch of road with not a tree or shop in sight. We some how find a small tree (with approximately 20 people standing under it already) and huddle under it miserably till the rain lessens...only to head back home horribly soaked. Just in the nick of time too..because it REALLY rains after that(it rained and thundered and eevrything all night long). The power goes and we are stuck at home with one candle, no coffee, no food and new cell phone!!! We order some Chinese food from a local joint, and well..I am still shuddering at the memory of the Andhra style Chinese food that we got.
Monday: R drops me on his way to his studio and for over 45 minutes I am unable to find a single auto which will take me to Ulsoor. I finally walk for almost one and a half kilometers till I find an auto and I pay 60 bucks for what normally would have cost 25. I reach office only to discover that the ceiling has been leaking all through the weekend on my computer and desk and EVERYTHING is sitting in a pool of water. I can't switch on my comp in case there is a short circuit, ALL my files and papers are soaked and my chair is too bloody wet to sit on.
Its been quite a few hours since then..took a risk with my short circuit papers etc have been put in the conference room upstairs to dry. I have a headache...I HAVVVVEE to buy a cell today and it looks like it might rain again!!! I hate my life!!

I hate my life!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • don't get me started on cell phone woes. On would think it would be different here in Singapore...but looks like these telcos are hellbent on making life as diff. as possible for the consumer!

    By Blogger Abhishek Chatterjee, at 12:44 AM  

  • aar bolo na. these ppl are REALLY annoying. I wrote a looooooong mail to all the top bosses after tremendous trouble over my duplicate sim. now they all seem to be falling over themselves to apologise..but who needs apologies? y not give us the kind of service we deserve??

    By Blogger Ron, at 1:35 AM  

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  • Very very sad I say. But ure lucky u didnt catch a cold after all that rain. See...look on the bright side.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:56 AM  

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