Life's Like That

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Random ramblings...

My last week at this agency..Saturday is my last day here...and I am dead bored...Don't you just hate the time in between when you are serving your notice period? I am least interested in work, I cannot bring myself to be polite to my more irritatingly dumb clients, and I'm so damn bored.

I know its a good thing for me to be moving on to this new agency..makes sense professionally and financially, but I must say Im a lil sad about leaving this place..Ive had a good time here, I like the people (well...most of them) and I did have a lot of freedom at work. I will have to prove myself all over again..develop working relationships, befriend new people in network offices.....siiighh..I guess its all part of the game!

The good thing is that Im getting 15 whole days off in between the two jobs and Im going to Kolkata for Pujo. Its been YEARS since I went to Cal for Pujo...I go to Cal once a year, but for the last 5 years its been in Jan/Feb..never during Pujo..and Cal during Durga Pujo is a different thing altogether. Also, this is probably the last time that all my old friends will be in Cal at this time and we can go to Maddox Square and Jodhpur Park together. Rosh is getting married in Jan and moving to Bombay, Such and Sudp will get married by next year, Im sure, and probably move off to some other part of the country. So will be great to catch up during Pujo one last time...wish Motheater could make it too.

Most of my pujo memories seem to be centred around the 5 of us...we started going out during pujo together when we were still in school...therefore initially we were allowed to meet up only in the morning..on Shoshti morning...we would do lunch at Peter Cat and then go pandal hopping.This one time, Motheater and I decided that we should walk all the way back from Peter Cat to Ballygunge Circular Road..Sudp Rosh and Such were ready to kill us...Such nonchalantly took off her shoes and walked home barefoot...much to Supd's chagrin. I remember us following soem cute boys all over Ballygunge..or did they folow us? I think it was a little of both. then we moved to college and I moved to Bangalore...I managed to take 10 days off every year for 3 years and be at Cal for then Pujo meant parking ourselves at Maddox Square...with friends other than just the 5 of us..though I think Peter Cat was still an integral part of our plans.

So many memories....wouldnt it be just great if we could go back in time at will and relive some really great times?

I can't wait for the 6th...which is when I leave for Cal..yippeeee!!!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Theme for a dream

I have been having the weirdest dreams ever.
Night before last I dreamt that I was sleeping when the door to my bedroom was thrown open and my colleague M and the CEO of our company BK marched right in. I said "Good morning sir" from under my blanket and he smiled at me and perched on my dressing table while M sat on my bed. They then proceeded to have a discussion on a rather problematic client.
I was rather stressed out in my dream because I had not brushed my teeth and BK was having a meeting in my room while I lay there under a blanket. Then he demanded Parsi food for lunch and suddenly I was in Phoenix Mills in Bombay shopping for strange looking T shirts while I waited for them to finish the meeting so that I could join them for the Parsi lunch. And then my friend P who is not remotely connected with my company suddenly joined us for lunch and hugged BK and addressed him by a rather cheeky nickname...and I woke up.
Last night I dreamt that my front tooth was vanishing. Maaen every time I looked in the mirror a part of my front tooth seemed to have disappeared. And there was a vague woman in a bathtub singing loudly. I was very very distressed about my vanishing tooth specially since Im supposed to meet R's folks soon and Im pretty sure they would not like a toothless me. I kept demanding tooth implants but my demands were drowned by the looud singing by bathtub lady.
I woke up half in tears. It was 3 a.m and I switched on the light to check if my teeth were all intact. They were. Thank god.
I wish could say the same of my mental health. What do you think these dreams mean?? I have a history of strange the time I dreamt there was a large Royal Bengal Tiger in my living room in a bright blue cage demanding to be fed "kuler aachar" (a very tasty pickle..for the non Bongs) I ran all over town to find Rs.2 worth of kuler aachar and then went back n hand fed the tiger who I remember distinctly, licked his lips and wagged his tail (a confusing point since tigers don't wag their tails..) but that was during Durga Pujo after 5 days of continuous hogging on roadside food. Thats not the case now, I have been eating healthy and noone can say Im having weird dreams because Ive eaten too much...insanity must be the only answer. Ki kando!!!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Im Ready....???

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE around me is either getting married or getting engaged. Im not doing either..yet. But the day is drawing near and I don't know how to react.
I have fought about this, we have discussed this, I have thrown tantrums and every time I have stated in no uncertain terms that "Im READY", "I WANT THIS" and accused him of being commitment phobic and threatened to leave him. Well he is finally over his commitment phobia...he has told his parents, they are ok with it, my parents are ok with it. He wants me to meet his folks next month....early next month.
And Im getting cold feet at the thought. Im scared to death. Im scared they won't like me, Im scared of the HUGE responsibility this is, Im scared that we might not be financially settled, and worst of all I'm terrified I will be a TERRIBLE failure at being a homemaker. Im scared all my mothers predictions about there being nothing to eat at my house and the house being a mess will come true..Im scared R will be uncomfortable and disappointed in me.
I know this is probably too early for me to start freaking out like this...that all Ive been asked to do is meet the parents of the man I love...but I am the hyper kinds...what to do.
Its so unfair that all this time when all I could think about was getting married he should have been so commitment phobic and the moment he is all ready to do whatever I have been demanding all this time, I should develop this sudden fear of marriage!!! But I am s******g bricks here and there is nothing I can do to undo the developments now!! :-(

Monday, September 12, 2005

lets go the TOI way...

Had to go to a fashion show on Saturday night featuring Malaika Arora Deepika Padukone and some Bangalore models like Jackie Shetty, Rachel Bayros, and Pashmeena Barker..who by the way is terrible on the ramp, has a awkward jerky gait and needs to EAT rightaway..she is anorexic thin.
Anyways the point is that I met these two gentlemen, one of whom works with Zoom Tv and the other has just joined DNA after 12 long years with TOI (Marketing) The conversation soon got around to Medianet. Medianet, for the uninitiated is a TOI agency that charges money for mentioning the brand/client name in the write up. Any branding that you see in Bangalore Times/Bombay Times/Delhi Times or any city supplement is paid for through MediaNet. It is now slowly spreading to the main paper as well...the city pages and even the business pages (they dont feature stand alone stories any more..only industry stories). This of course makes a mockery of journalistic ethics and laws etc.
The polite conversation soon turned into a more or less polite argument. Wont get into all of that, but I have to write about this guy's justification of Medianet : " Its a known fact that some journalists take money to write about some companies/indiviuals. So while the journalist makes money at the publications expense, the publication still struggles to increase revenues. With MediaNet the publication makes money and can now afford to pay employees better so they dont need to take kickbacks!! And anyways, everything and everybody takes money for doing things..why not a newspaper?"
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess that just about sums up the TOI philosophy....why beat them..join them and make money together!!!
The sad thing is that instead of taking a collective stand against TOI and Medianet, more and more publications seem to be adopting similar policies. Recently a senior journalist at The Hindu told us that they might soon stop writing about companies/brands if they don't advertise in the paper. If the one publication known for its ethical stand starts going the TOI way then it is a sad day for journalism. A very sad day indeed!!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Weekend Woes

What a weekend!!!My worst ever. Why you ask? Read on....
Saturday: I wake up with a mild case of food poisoning , spend a rather unhappy day at work. Ride to R's place on the back of his bike in the POURING rain and through the most horrible traffic jam..and reach home only to discover that my cell phone is missing!!!!!!! Had put in the last pocket of my bag and charecteristically had not closed the pocket, it must have fallen out!
Those of you who know me well will know how attached I am to my cell. I feel like I've lost a part of my hand (no exaggerations..really). Add to it the fact that I have effectively lost all the numbers stored in that phone..including the few very important ones that I managed to get during my brief stay in Mumbai, and the fact that this handset is not even six months old, you can understand why I am so upset.
To add to my misery, I call up Spice Telecom to block my SIM card n the morons tell me that they cannot do so till I send them a fax to reconfirm this!! I mean what the f***!!! No other service provider is as brainlessly obsolete as this!! I REALLY lose it after they steadfastly refused to block my SIM w/o a fax. I am in the middle of Banaswadi with no Fax centre in sight in the POURING rain n these dimwits refuse to even consider it as an emergency! After 20 mins of alternately shouting and begging, it finally takes a "I handle your PR and can go to your Managing Director with this if you don't do it right away" kind of a threat to get it done.
Sunday: Reasonably peaceful morning spent doing nothng(including eat lunch) R and I leave home at around 6.15p.m. to buy myself a new cell. 6.30: The heavens open up while we were on this long desolate stretch of road with not a tree or shop in sight. We some how find a small tree (with approximately 20 people standing under it already) and huddle under it miserably till the rain lessens...only to head back home horribly soaked. Just in the nick of time too..because it REALLY rains after that(it rained and thundered and eevrything all night long). The power goes and we are stuck at home with one candle, no coffee, no food and new cell phone!!! We order some Chinese food from a local joint, and well..I am still shuddering at the memory of the Andhra style Chinese food that we got.
Monday: R drops me on his way to his studio and for over 45 minutes I am unable to find a single auto which will take me to Ulsoor. I finally walk for almost one and a half kilometers till I find an auto and I pay 60 bucks for what normally would have cost 25. I reach office only to discover that the ceiling has been leaking all through the weekend on my computer and desk and EVERYTHING is sitting in a pool of water. I can't switch on my comp in case there is a short circuit, ALL my files and papers are soaked and my chair is too bloody wet to sit on.
Its been quite a few hours since then..took a risk with my short circuit papers etc have been put in the conference room upstairs to dry. I have a headache...I HAVVVVEE to buy a cell today and it looks like it might rain again!!! I hate my life!!

I hate my life!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 02, 2005

weighty contradictions :-(

I have joined a gym..I REALLY need to lose weight. So am basically off any food that tastes nice...I eat depressing things like celery sticks and sprouts and sigh sadly n refuse the much loved chaats.

But thats not the point..the point is that other people always have a problem with how you look and how you eat. When I started putting on weight and I was perfectly peaceful about it, they would go "Isssshhhhhh!!!! you have put on so much weight!" or "How did you manage to put on so much weight?? Do something about it, dont eat junk food!" It was a different matter that at that point I felt totally at peace with the extra pounds, I was more interested in enjoying myself and was not really motivated to lose weight.

But now that I am highly motivated and have spent an astronomical amount of money on a gym membership and have seriously stopped eating anything that tastes nice, the very same people are singing to a different tune. "Beshi barabari hochche eta, dieting maane ei na je shob khabar chede debe. Ekta khele kichu hobe na." ( Loosely translated: You are overdoing everything, just because you are on a diet it does not mean that you will give up eating.One piece won't hurt you)...and this reaction because I refused to eat the coconut sweets my mother made (she has not made those in YEARS, but the second day of gymming I come home to see an entire box lying on the table...I guess she was just waiting for me to go on a diet...) My uncle who used to tease me mercilessly about my weight,growled "Jotoshob nekami" when I declined an invitation to eat chicken roll!! (I cannot translate nekami...I don't think there is a translation for that)

My trainer on the other hand throws a fit if I put on 0.5 grams, she glares disapprovingly at me and says "Tut tut!! This is a result of having rice instead of roti for lunch. You will have brown bread n salad for dinner!!" I am really quite tired of the contradictions involved in the entire weight loss process!! I would like to take off to a remote location where the only food available is low fat, low calorie and healthy and the only people around are either fatter than me and dedicated to their diets or the super fit trainers who are anyways obsessed with 'eating right'. I would like to come back to the normal world only after Ive managed to lose all the excess pounds.

But alas!!!! That is not to be. Am staying over at R's place today, and they are having pizza for dinner, and their reaction to my dietary restrictions..."Oh come on!!! have just a couple of slices. You wont put on weight with that !!" Siiiiiiiiiiigggghhhh....the contradictions continue!!!