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Saturday, August 27, 2005


Stumbled upon this while taking a break from work. Is this guy for real!!???? What kind of a psycho is this?? I wonder why he wastes so much time reading these blogs written by the despicable "westernised" women? or painstakingly critique each one for that matter!! And if we must all "stop fawning over these moron women", then why on earth is he increasing the number of hits on their sites through his own really pathetic blog!!!??
It just occured to me that maybe I should not increase his hit rate either by linking him on this blog...but then..why not..not too many people visit my blog anyways, and I guess the few people who do,need some entertainment too!! Go ahead guys! check it out!! Its quite something else!!
This guy is so obviouly jobless and frustrated and delusional (he seems convinced that blogosphere NEEDS him to "showcase some of the mediocre work floating around"!!) Poor thing!! To be so pathetic and sick in the head is indeed quite sad!! In the meantime do visit his blog for your daily dose of entertainment!! Ramblings from a delusional mind..that would be such an apt title wouldn't it?


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