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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Arrey!! bangali naki!!?

That one sentence opens up a vista of opportunities for the Bengali ouitside Bengal. The way the language can bond people is amazing. I spent greater part of today in the company of this lady who Im slightly scared of. .a very senior journalist, very serious and very very no nonsense...I am more than a little intimidated by her. And certain incidents today (I hate having to be so careful on this blog...damn!! should have created an anonymous url!!) did absolutely nothing to help matters.Imagine my surprise then when on our way back from the venue, she starts talking in fluent joy knew no bounds!! There was a sparkle in my eye and a song in my heart (ok ok..a bit much, I agree) when I turned to her and said..."Eki aapni Bangla janen?" Needless to say we spoke only in Bangla after that, she is a nice person...and Im not that scared of her anymore.

My Bangali roots have helped me out ever since I left Calcutta...from befriending fellow passengers on trains (to the point where they looked after my luggage while I visited friends in other comaprtments and in one case where they came looking for me coz we were approaching Howrah and they were worried as to where I had vanished) to getting quick service from waiters at restaurants, to making friends with vague strangers, to befriending journalists I was previously scared helps to be a Bong!!

Now I only wish I had had the sense to date a Bong guy or at least make sure the few Bengali friends I had in Bangalore remained here. Why u ask?? Because Chondrobindoo is performing next week..n I want to go(Im in a very very Bengali fied mood rt now and am missing Cal like crazy)...n i dont have any Bong friends to go with . The same thing happened with Nishijapon..though Rahul did agree to accompany would have been painful coz he wouldnt have understood n I would habve had to translate etc etc.Life is very sad!! :-(


  • you freak ...liked the mahabharat happening in your life.. am inspired to start blogging ...

    lemme see when...


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:53 PM  

  • Very similar to what happens when you are a Mallu. Lots of journos are Mallus and needless to say, you could be walking on a beach in Florida and bump into the oily haired, saree clads speaking the tounge twister from the land of the coconut flavoured nuts.
    Sad for me, I cannot speak either Mallu or Bengali.
    Tut tut, my language skills suck.
    If there is another Mallu reading this, please dont be offended. I like Mallus, I am one myself, an I dont mean this in bad taste.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:50 AM  

  • When on earth are you going to update your space?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:10 AM  

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