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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Photoblog 1

Happy Diwali everyone ...I know Im a little late with the wishes but I hope all of you had a great festival. Me..I HATE Diwali. Have you ever seen dogs which whimper pitifully at the sound and light created by fireworks and hide under the bed? Well, lets just say I can totally empathise with the poor things. I would much rather tuck my tail between my legs, whimper and hide under the bed myself than go out and light fireworks or go out where fireworks are being lit by others.

So therefore, I went away this weekend..on holiday. To Coorg. The original plan was to go to Munnar but we didnt get bus or train tickets so we had to fall back on the old reliable..Coorg. This time we went sightseeing to places we havent been to before. Like Dubbare elephant training camp and the Golden Temple Budhdhist Monastrey (There is a huge Tibetan settlement in Kushalnagar) and Cauvery Nisarga Dhama. Much fun was had. See for yourself.

Note: These are the nice touristy pictures we took. Will post the other less touristy ones later.

Abbey falls. The last time we visited this place was in summer when there was hardly any water. This time the river was in full spate and the waterfall was ..well to echo those annoying children on the bus...AWESOME!!!

Cauvery Nisarga Dhama. It a 60 acres natural island in the middle of the River Cauvery. Isnt the river idyllic? The island has a a huge bamboo forest and a small zoo of sorts. They have deer and rabbits. And big signs everywhere saying Do NOT FEED THE ANIMALS. And insensitive tourists who insist on feeding the adorable bunnies chips!! Some people na! I tried telling them not to, only to be glared at and abused in Kannada.

Inside the Golden Temple Monastery in Kushalnagar..each of those statues is plated with solid gold. Just imagine!!

Coracle boat. Most unstable looking dont you think? Apparantly there are crocodiles in the river at that point. A fact which I was informed of once I was in that thing in the middle of the river.

Dubbare Elephant Training Camp. Isnt the baby cuuuuuuttttee? I tried petting him but I dont think his mother liked me much. She trumpeted loudly resulting in me running for my life. Insensitive assholes marred part of this experience.One man was actually trying to pull strands of hair out of the poor baby's tail when the mother wasnt around. And the giggly females accompanying him seemed to think it was an act of immense courage! Such people deserve to be trampled to death I think. I gave him a piece of my mind,and this time I was thankfully backed up by some other people as well. How can people be such assholes!!!?

View from our balcony.

Our cottage. It was very pretty and everything, but being situated in the middle of all this wilderness left it rather open to creepy crawly things. Such as caterpillars and centipedes and huge geckos...shudders.


  • I hate chocolat bombs. And rockets. But I love the fireworks displays and th lights and the rongmoshals and fuljhuris.
    The baby elphant looks like me. :D
    And these insensitive clods, I feel like pushing them into the tiger's cage. Remember what happened to the man who went to garland a tiger in Alipore zoo?

    By Blogger good morning, midnight, at 7:30 AM  

  • Lovely pics tis. But while nature is all very nice it is the creepy crawlies that make me want to scream. cockroaches and lizards .. are the bane of my life.

    By Blogger Dreamcatcher, at 11:42 PM  

  • oooh that looks beautiful! Darun jayga to! The falls is pretty, the baby elephant adorable, the boat extremely dangerous and the cottage very romantic :) Nice seeing you back.

    By Blogger M (tread softly upon), at 6:00 AM  

  • Hey those are lovely pics! I went toCoorg during the summer this year and it is indeed an awesome place! :D

    By Blogger Rita, at 5:13 AM  

  • Needed an Info..Does Dubbare Forest have any cottages in there??We are planning to visit but not sure where to stay..Please help

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:58 AM  

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