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Friday, June 02, 2006

Think of a nice title will ya?

I really am suffering from a rather severe case of bloggers block. Just cannot think of anything to write about.

Nothing noteworthy has been happening in my life either.

Except that I pulled a muscle in my leg while working out in the gym and have been in excruciating pain ever since. Been limping around and grimacing with every movement I make. And I havent taken a day off work either. Yes, thank you, your sympathy is much appreciated.

Oh and I went for an ayurvedic massage...for the first and last time. Did you know they make you strip completely? I didnt. If I had, then I definitely would'nt have gone for it. This really scary female masseur(is that how you spell it?) stood and watched me while I very reluctantly took off each item of clothing. For someone who cannot change clothes if there are photographs of people in the same room, this was torture beyond belief. And then she poured gallons of oil all over. And massaged. know what? This already sounds like the beginning of a 3rd rate lesbian flick, let me not make it worse by getting into the traumatic details. Suffice to say, by the end of it I was more stressed out than I was when I went in. *shudders*

I saw The Da Vinci Code. It was boring. Lacked the suspense factor of the book. And whoever decided to cast Tom Hanks as Langdon? Were they crazy? George Clooney would have been a muchhhhhhhhh better Langdon. Zero chemistry between Hanks and the female who plays Sophie Nevue. At the end of the movie when Hanks kisses her and tells her its upto her to decide the next step,its like a scene between a father and daughter. Like a fond parent saying bye bye to his little girl.Tchah!

What did enliven entire movie experience somewhat, was the presence of this psycho freak behind us. Just after the movie started, this little baby coughed once or twice. And this freak pipes up "Please keep the child quiet for gods sake" in a really rude way. I mean come on...all the child did was cough, it didnt even talk or scream or disturb anyone in any way. So anyways, during the interval, N and I were discussing this and saying that whoever this woman was she should have created a soundproof room and watched the movie in there on DVD. Suddenly Psycho Freak butts into the conversation and starts abusing us and telling us to mind our own business.She even called us rude!I ask you!!! What cheek. It was just showing signs of turning into a nasty little catfight with N and I on one side and PF and her buddies on another when V and Rahul came back and broke it up. Tchah again!! What a waste.

I have spent the entire day writing one document after another, all centering around the theme of sensuality and indiviuality and I am ready to SCREAM!!!! Am feeling extremely violent right now!!! I need a drink.

I must go and buy chicken and Harpic, and for some reason the very thought is making me very depressed on one hand and even more violent on another.

All in all, not in a very peaceful frame of mind at the moment.

To make matters worse, I am experiencing this distinct craving for alu kabli. Not any alu kabli mind you. Alu kabli made by this guy who stands at the corner near Bhalla footwear shop in Gariahat. Or maybe even the guy who operates next to Bashontidebi College. Needless to say I dont have access to either. GRRRRRR. I hate my life.

Im going home now. No. Sorry, Im going to buy chicken and Harpic now. Then if I get an auto from MG Road I shall go home. In my current frame of mind I would dearly love to shoot any auto driver that refuses to take me the head!! *bloodthirsty look at this point*, but I dont have a gun either. Let me reiterate the point about hating my life.

Did I tell you guys about the time I threatened to throw stones at this group of cops on MG Road?? They were being rude and unhelpful and I lost my temper. I told them they deserved every piece of stone that was chucked at them during Rajkumar's funeral, and that if I had my way I would start one more riot against them right now. This was a week after the whole Rajkumar episode. I think they were about to arrest me when Rahul showed up and took me away. He does show up at the most dramatic moments doesnt he? Anyways, I feel like I might just pick up a stone and chuck at unhelpful cops / auto drivers today.

On second thoughts, I think Ill wait for Rahul to pick me up. Why get into unnecessary trouble? Prison is not a very nice place to live in Im sure.

Anyways, bye bye for now. Don't know when Ill be back next, dont think it will be for long time..unless something exciting happens during the weekend. Take care. Ta.


  • quite agree about tom hanks as the wrong choice for the role..incredibly subdued wasn't he? i also caught x-men 3 which was infinitely more enjoyable. and chicken and harpic...rahul dude...i'd suggest dinner some place else.

    By Blogger Abhishek Chatterjee, at 7:17 AM  

  • Eh, paye legeche? aamar ekbar pithe emon muscle-lock hoye gechilo je char din bichana thke uthte parini. Get well soon. Rahul to knight in shining armour...shob shomoi tomake uddhar kore, and you really threatened cops? I so admire you, je citti bajate ichche korchche.

    By Blogger good morning, midnight, at 7:18 AM  

  • This already sounds like the beginning of a 3rd rate lesbian flick, let me not make it worse by getting into the traumatic details

    In my current frame of mind I would dearly love to shoot any auto driver that refuses to take me the head!!

    And Clooney? He is too CLASSY for the role. Someone like Nicholas Cage would suit it well.

    I really needed a break, and this post was very welcome - and hilarious one. =))

    By Blogger BangaloreGuy, at 7:48 AM  

  • why would she ask u to strip to massage ur feet? that doesn't sound very good. i understand how bad it is. bad place i guess.
    well u shd take rest or ur leg could be worse.
    rahul is a blessing i'd say. saviour,to ur victims. haha. take care dear. get well soon.
    don't say u'll not post for long. we'll all miss it. so be back soon. hail n healthy.

    By Blogger sonia, at 12:10 PM  

  • Ohh my poor retarded child.*Huggy Huggy*

    By Blogger Seema, at 2:20 PM  

  • Chicken and Harpic. What a combo. Harpic chicken a la Ron anyone?

    By Blogger The Marauder's Map, at 5:43 AM  

  • I'm telling you Ron. I'm in such a slap-happy mood too, you've no idea. I'm smiling and laughing like a true schizo, just waiting for someone to say the wrong thing. I would have slapped the woman and slapped her again before she had a chance to scream like a banshee.

    But I like auyervedic massages, yaa. They don't make you strip entirely, you know. you can keep this one particular item of clothing on. Remember?

    By Blogger Rimi, at 6:18 AM  

  • Great beginning to my Monday morning. Thank you! Yr Rahul KISA? Lootey ne, lootey ne, joto din parbi...the profession he's in, screws big time, especially once u r married. Ask the expert;)

    By Blogger Priya, at 9:57 PM  

  • Tried resisting the temptation of reiterating the Chic-Harpic joke but failed to subdue my curiosity.Do enlighten that was the Harpic for a later use after having the chicken or are they to be used simultaneously.Fully agree with you that Da Vinci Code is a bad movie but sadly it'll turn out to be a big money-spinner for Sony Pics. Langdon as Mr.Brown described looks like Harrison Ford in Tweeds.Neither Tom Hanks or Clooney can bring out that look.Even Cage is too raw for this role.Maybe they cud've approached Mr. Ford himself. A technorati search shows 767 entries for Bangalore Autos. Looking at the sheer number of bloggers venting feel like saying " Autu-wallahs go to hell maadi".Take care.

    By Blogger Chilla-Bong, at 4:06 AM  

  • @all those who chose to make rude comments about harpic chicken and what not: dont be silly and crack silly jokes :P
    just so you know..i made the most yummy dhaniya murg on sat. and no harpic did not feature amongst the ingredients. i shall not be cooking for any of you ever!! grr!!

    @abhishek: i really want to see x men, had plans of going this weekend, but it just POURED so had to shelve plans :(

    @gm,m: yes i actually did threaten those buggers. useless louts. rahul is no knight, just my lucky day that he was done with work n could come pick me up when i called him and told him the auto and cop situation.

    @bangalore guy: yes, but george *drool* clooney would have at least kept me wiiiiiidee awake during the movie :P

    @sonia: oh the massage and the muscle injury were two separate things. i had gone for what i thought would be a back massage, but as it turned was quite something else :(

    @seema: retarded!!!?? dont be rude child!!

    @the bagchi: hrrmph!! i shall cook harpic chicken a la ron only for you when you come home....hehehahah(pliss to be reading that as evil laughter)

    @rimi: yes i know..i thot id mention that one item of clothing, but then shys came verrry badly, along with the fear of sounding like a lesbian book author, so i desisted. *modest look*

    @priya: oooh i hate his profession already. dotn tell me it will just get worse :(

    @chillabong: have replied to your silly harpic query above *cold look* also george clooney would have been for my viewing pleasure only...*siiigh* *swooon*
    as for bangalore autos!! the whoel lot of them should be shot! believe me!! gah!

    By Blogger Ron, at 4:36 AM  

  • Looks like someone needed some cheering. Hopefully Rahul did the trick and you're feeling better, paaye byatha notwithstanding.

    By Blogger M (tread softly upon), at 7:30 AM  

  • hope ur feet is better n that no messy auto wallahs n cops on the way. i liked the chick harpic reaction(urs) was laughin out loud. n chilla bong's "Autu-wallahs go to hell maadi" haha can't stop haha

    By Blogger sonia, at 5:59 PM  

  • Well u seem to be in a violent mood!
    I agree with u...wait for rahul!:-)

    By Blogger Ekta, at 9:51 PM  

  • of course, you could try and be different and show your individuality and chuck a stone at Rahul. that should make for a nice post - you could even make it sensual in a BDSM way?

    *scoots away on healthy fatlegs to nearest alu kabli man*

    on a more compassionate note, i hope you won't try and lose weight in another week at least. and it's always best to go easy on the treadmill - that thing has killed my spine, honestly. if u have to run, go ahead, but do NOT touch the "incline" button, i'm very serious about this.

    By Blogger rainbeau_peep, at 2:15 AM  

  • @m: jodi rahul ototai useful hoto, taholey aar dukhkho kisher. he dint even pick me up that day, kept giving long convoluted directions for me to walk to and wait for him. hung up on him and glared at auto drivers till i found one which took me home.

    @sonia: much better thank you.

    @ekta: hrrmph. he is useless boy. gah!!

    @rainbeau peep: ooooh dont remind me of that incline thingy...tried it once...baba re..never again. I didint go to the gym at all last week, so am much better now.

    And tempting as it is, chucking stones at a 6 foot 3 inches tall man, is never a good idea you know, there would be nothing sensual about it if he decided to throw it back at me :(

    By Blogger Ron, at 6:02 AM  

  • Hitting stones at police!!!!!!!:-)
    hahah....can see bangalore hasnt changed much!

    By Blogger Anand, at 7:53 AM  

  • I have become a big fan of Ramdev. His pranayam techniques might help you. :)
    BTW, what kind of cops were they? Habilder type, I guess.

    By Blogger Kele Panchu, at 2:47 PM  

  • @anand: oh of course bangalore has changed...for the worse. gah!!!

    @panchuda: ramdev...hmm..pranayam...hmmmmmmmmmmm.

    and well the whole thing started off with habildar type person only, and then graduated to an inspector type person who looked like he was planning to arrest me :(

    By Blogger Ron, at 12:35 AM  

  • Come back. Post.

    Dont chuck stones at people. Cos they just pick up the same stones and chuck them back. Get a cattle prod instead. More fun.

    By Blogger 4WD, at 2:36 AM  

  • @4WD: you do have some wonderfully good ideas i must say. now do let me know where to buy a cattle prod from :D

    By Blogger Ron, at 12:48 AM  

  • post already !

    By Blogger 4WD, at 12:10 PM  

  • u wouldn't be Ronita Dutta fm Cal...Dover lane,qms et al?? u sound like her...the Ron fits too...but i still could be jolly mistaken...anyway, worth a try...

    p.s: n ur birthday wouldn't be on the 29th of aug, now wud it?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:56 PM  

  • @anonymous: i would be the very same Ronita Dutta from Dover lane..only I moved from Dover Lane years ago. And yes my birthday is very much on 29th nice to see that you..whoever you are..remember. Which brings me to my next question...who are u? You seem to know me well..Im guessing your from QMS too...

    By Blogger Ron, at 4:55 AM  

  • Ronita..hi...this is priyambada...i find ur posts hilarious...i never did bangla in school but thanx to my mother sukumar ray's 'abol tabol' was a huge part of my childhood...i have lost my old diary n hence i don't have ur email on me...or anybody else's for that matter....wud love to catch up that i know its u..will visit this site more often...ur posts r def gng to rake up a lot of memories..albeit..happy ones... thanx for them!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:00 AM  

  • @pjk: i just thought it might be you. ki khobor? ekhono england ei? hows kunal?thanks for saying such nice nice things about my 'umble blog *blushes and does a lot of nyakami*

    anyways, i think my email id is somewhere around on this blog...but here it goes again: mail korish. take care.

    By Blogger Ron, at 10:39 PM  

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